Three days before the first round of the legislative elections, and facing a dynamic left, Emmanuel Macron seized his camp’s campaign directly on Thursday, calling on the French to give him “a strong and clear majority”.

On the occasion of a trip to the Tarn on the theme of security in rural areas, the president went to the front in a long speech from the village of Puycelsi, castigating the “extreme” who “propose to add crisis to crisis by returning to the great historical choices of our Nation”.

Faced with the breakthrough in the polls of the left alliance Nupes around Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the Head of State attacked without naming them this coalition and the RN of Marine Le Pen who want, according to him, “to return to the alliances which, like NATO, ensure collective security and protect the peoples” at the moment “when I speak with Russia which is massacring civilians in Ukraine”.

During this trip, Emmanuel Macron affirmed his support for the internal security forces, “in particular our gendarmes” whom he visited at the Gaillac gendarmerie brigade.

And to tackle in passing the controversial remarks of Mr. Mélenchon on “the police who kill”. “There are things that from where I am, I cannot accept, it is that we insult those who risk their lives to protect ours,” said the head of state.

Gaillac will host one of the 200 new gendarmerie brigades (three in the Tarn) to be deployed throughout the territory as part of the future orientation and programming law of the Ministry of the Interior (LOPMI). These new brigades “will offer residents public services such as the filing of complaints or the reception of victims and will strengthen the presence of law enforcement in peri-urban and rural areas”, explains the Elysée.

Emmanuel Macron was strongly challenged during his trip by a young woman about two ministers accused of violence against women. The liberation of speech, “I accompanied it and I will continue to accompany it, to protect it. At the same time, to function in society you must have the presumption of innocence”, he replied.

The cries of “liar” and a “you are abominable” then sounded.

The Head of State’s call for mobilization for the legislative elections should cheer the hearts of the majority, who see participation as the “key” to the ballot, according to a minister who carefully observed the breakthrough of the united left under the banner of Nupes (LFI, PS, EELV, PCF) during the first round of elections for French people living abroad last Sunday.

A “sampling” which “prefigures” the scenario for Sunday, predicts the same minister, “with a settling” of the majority compared to 2017, before a 2nd round which promises to be “very battled”, “constituency by constituency”, “ including where Jean-Luc Mélenchon made high scores in the first round of the presidential election”.

The “totally flat encephalogram” until then of the balance of power succeeds in effect “a beginning of dynamic rather in favor of the Nupes and an erosion of Together! (LREM, the Modem, Horizons and Agir)”, underlines Brice Teinturier , Deputy Director of Ipsos.

An Ipsos Sopra Steria poll published on Thursday shows that Nupes, up slightly to 28%, would be ahead of the Macronists (27%) in voting intentions. If Together! is credited with 260 to 300 seats, he has no certainty of obtaining the absolute majority of 289 seats, while the Nupes could win 175 to 215 seats.

Brice Teinturier however underlines “the fragility” of these projections: “everything depends on the reports” of votes between the two towers, with “40 to 50 seats (which) can rip from one block to another”, he puts in keep.

Caught in the trap of the match between the executive and the left, the National Rally is trying to make its way.

Before going to a market in Agde (Hérault) on Thursday, Marine Le Pen, RN candidate in Pas-de-Calais, joked about Mr. Macron’s visit to Tarn. “He can put his feet to the wall before the elections” but he has “zero credibility” on security, she argued.

Eric Zemmour, Reconquest candidate! in the Var, he took it on BFMTV and RMC from Jean-Luc Mélenchon who “turned into a rapper who sings fuck the police”.


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