Presidential candidate Yannick Jadot came to Besançon on Wednesday to support Stéphane Ravacley, in the race for the legislative elections under the colors of EELV, an “atypical” candidate, with a “strong personality” whom he hopes to see elected in the National Assembly.

“It’s a privilege to come and support Stéphane. It’s very atypical, it’s part of our ambition, we environmentalists, in this big gathering, to bring to the National Assembly particular voices, who get up early. There are not so many in the National Assembly so it’s important”, launched Mr. Jadot in Stéphane Ravacley’s bakery.

“I supported the prospect of a coalition, and I support the fact that there are as many deputies in the National Assembly who support ecology,” he added.

Mr. Jadot, who has started a tour of the constituencies in which environmental candidates have been invested, and Mr. Ravacley strolled in good spirits through the busy streets of Besançon to distribute leaflets bearing the image of the “candidate baker” and convince the passers-by.

Besançon is a “deeply ecological and left-wing” city, underlined its mayor, Anne Vignot (EELV), who accompanied them alongside Dominique Voynet (EELV), former minister under Lionel Jospin, and the ecologist Hervé Prat, invested by Nupes in the 3rd constituency of the Jura, of which Ms. Voynet was a Member of Parliament in the past.

Stéphane Ravacley is not included in any party, “he (does not follow) the rails that political formations sometimes try to put in place”, still noted Mr. Jadot. “His will from the start was to want a gathering. He did it easily around his strong personality, his professional commitment. You know the values ​​he has held for a long time, which are the ecological values, and the values ​​of the left in general”.

The craftsman has carved out a national stature for himself since obtaining the regularization of his Guinean apprentice, at the cost of a hunger strike last year, and organizing a spectacular humanitarian convoy for the Ukraine. He will notably be opposed to Eric Alauzet, ex-EELV and outgoing Renaissance deputy elected very comfortably in 2017 (more than 62% in the second round).

“It is important that Mr. Jadot travels for us”, reacted Mr. Ravacley. “We need these people to take us up the stairs. But I also have to stay in the establishment of my 2nd constituency and see the people. I am leaving with my truths, my integrity, and we will see. if it will pass on June 12 and 19.”

Dominique Voynet, for his part, “really aspires to the election of a sufficient number of deputies to make the voice of environmentalists heard”. She “hopes that there will be an environmental group in the assembly and that Stéphane Ravacley will sit there”.

05/25/2022 16:59:08 – Besançon (France) (AFP) – © 2022 AFP