This is an unprecedented scenario that could well deceive many voters in the 9th district of Paris in the first round of the legislative elections on June 12. As reported by L’Opinion, the former environmentalist primary candidate Sandrine Rousseau will run under the Nupes label and will be opposed to a woman… simply having the same first and last name as her.

The other Sandrine Rousseau, who has no experience in politics, will also be a candidate under the colors of the Mouvement de la ruralité (LMR, an offshoot of Chasse, Pêche, Nature et Traditions) in this constituency of the capital. A candidacy that looks like a choice wanted and assumed by the party, as confirmed by Yannick Villardier, LMR manager for Île-de-France, with our colleagues: “It’s a kind of coincidence of homonymy that ‘we didn’t want to let it go. […] We enjoy ourselves by pitting someone who is attached to the rural world against someone who is very far from it. »

In her fifties, this childcare assistant says: “My application is very serious, focused on rurality. His companion will also be an LMR candidate for the next legislative deadlines, specifies L’Opinion. She intends to best represent rurality in the capital: “There is a lot to say, to make people understand in Paris. I want to talk about this off-centre, forgotten rurality. Life is not always easy there, especially for the mothers. I am another proposal facing the other Sandrine Rousseau, who is like all politicians. »

Invited to react on RTL Monday, May 23, the candidate of the left alliance does not seem to appreciate this extremely rare case at all: “It is a candidacy which was raised by the hunters and whose only vocation is to mislead the voters . It’s not respectful of democracy because it’s not for a program or anything,” she said.

So that voters can clearly distinguish the two candidates before going to the voting booth, it is expected that each ballot indicates the party that the two Sandrine Rousseau represent. But it is not certain that none of them will slip the wrong ballot into the ballot box next Sunday, June 12.