“Happy” to leave for a new “adventure”, Eric Zemmour launched his candidacy for the legislative elections Thursday on the beach of Cogolin, in a constituency, the 4th of Var, where he signed one of his best scores in the presidential election (14 .7%).

In front of about 200 supporters committed to his cause, the candidate Reconquête!, beige pants and white shirt standing out against the blue background of the waves of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, limited himself to a short speech of a few minutes, “happy” to leave for “a month-long adventure”.

“I did not see myself leading the fight from the rear, I will lead it at the head of my five hundred and fifty Reconquest candidates, and it will be necessary here as everywhere to spread our ideas which are those of the future”, pleaded the candidate from the far right: “I was told a lot that the presidential election was tough, it’s true, it was a formidable, cruel, sometimes unfair fight, but I also love this fight and I’m coming back here to lead it” .

“I came to the Var because I love the Var and the Varois, and my little finger tells me that they make it good for me”, he again launched to his supporters.

The Reclaim Candidate! should find here a “favorable ground” for his “conservative” ideas, commented Nadine Uvernet, 59 years old: “There are big problems of insecurity and immigration and a strong culture which must be respected”, explained this woman who shares her life between Cogolin and Luxembourg, where she works in the financial sector.

Arlette Le Viavant will also vote Eric Zemmour in June, for “that he takes away a few people who are not French”. And this 74-year-old retiree is already planning for 2027, hoping that he will then be elected president.

The bet of this election, even if this constituency gave him good results, is however risky for Eric Zemmour. It is indeed necessary to obtain 12.5% ​​of the registered in the first round to remain in the second, if one is not one of the two candidates in the lead. However, in the presidential election, he only obtained 10.61% of the registered voters, far behind Marine Le Pen (23.29%) and Emmanuel Macron (17.43%).

Eric Zemmour will have a hard time dealing with the RN candidate Philippe Lottiaux and the outgoing Ensemble, Sereine Mauborgne. The latter was elected in 2017 with 55% of the votes in the second round against the same Philippe Lottiaux.

But, wants to believe Eric Zemmour, “the legislative elections are neither the presidential nor the municipal election. (…) It is a vote rooted in a territory with local demands and concerns”.

05/12/2022 20:05:57 – Cogolin (France) (AFP) – © 2022 AFP