Former socialist president François Hollande estimated Monday, during a public meeting in Corrèze, that the program of the New popular ecological and social union (Nupes) “would come up against reality” and would be “unable to be executed” in case of victory in the next legislative elections.

“Let’s imagine that there is a Nupes majority, this program, given the importance of the expenditure it provides for, given the promises it makes, would clash with reality, and would be unable to be executed, ” declared Mr. Hollande to the press, during a public meeting in Donzenac, where he was present in the company of former Prime Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, to support Annick Taysse (ex-PS), the dissident candidate on the left in the constituency of Tulle.

In this first constituency of Corrèze, where François Hollande was a deputy for 20 years (1988 to 1993 and from 1997 to 2012), the New Left Alliance bringing together LFI, PS, PCF and EELV, (La Nupes), presents a candidate LFI , Sandrine Devaud.

“All the measures (of the Nupes) can be defended separately, but (?) added together, put end to end, lead to an impossibility”, insisted Mr. Hollande.

In front of about sixty activists, the former president praised “pluralism” and “credibility” of the “left of government”.

“During all these years when I was elected MP, there have always been several candidates on the left” he recalled, believing that “it is always the left of responsibility that allows the whole left to win” .

“If we stay in the forms we know, an extreme right, a radical left and a central bloc, we will have the repetition of what we had during the last presidential elections, and which the French accept less and less: vote against rather than vote for, without prospect of accession to power”, he further warned.

30/05/2022 22:32:37 – Donzenac (France) (AFP) – © 2022 AFP