A chilling blackmail against a candidacy for the legislative elections. Isoline Garreau, LR candidate in the legislative elections in the 2nd constituency of Seine-et-Marne, has been under threat for more than a year from a crow who now insists that she withdraw her candidacy. According to our colleagues from Parisian, Thursday, May 19, the anonymous individual, who sends letters to his home, threatens the two daughters of the candidate with a “fatal accident before June 30, 2022”. Citing their first names, he asks Isoline Garreau to step down, to make “the right choice” to “save the lives” of her daughters.

With the daily, she affirms that she will not give in to these threats. “No, because I have values ​​and I’m determined to go all the way,” she says. She nevertheless hopes that justice will move forward. While she has been receiving such letters for more than a year, the candidate has filed several complaints with the police, all closed without action. She also filed a complaint with the gendarmerie, and “an investigation is underway”, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Isoline Garreau would now like “the State to react to this type of aggression and to put her children in safety”. “This crow sends letters to the people of my village, to elected officials, to the merchants of Nemours and even to my parents. But there, we went up a notch…”. These anonymous letters arrive, explains Le Parisien, during an election period. The author addresses strong criticism to the candidate, in particular by evoking her private life. To the insults, he attached a photo of his two daughters in the latest letter.

Isoline Garreau declares her anger and frustration at the inaction of the authorities and the justice system. “I put myself in the place of the victims, like battered women who go to a police station and see that there is no follow-up,” she laments. I sympathize with their distress. It is my role to say it because I am elected. She explains today that she lives in fear, in particular because of the public nature of her campaign trips. “Who tells me that I am not monitored on my pace of life, she wonders. It is not difficult to know my schedules. Whereas my commitment is a commitment of the heart. Morally, it is difficult. What does my children’s life have to do with my political career? I understand better why people don’t want to commit! Several elected officials claim to have also received letters about candidate LR. There would be more than 200 in all.