After Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, during a visit to marathon over 14 hours, it was the turn of the president of the party of The Republicans, Laurent Wauquiez, to make the cows the honor of his presence and to bless the president of several tackles at the same time. At the salon of agriculture, the elected RL has held that “the government has not defended our agricultural policy and our farmers,” adding that ” Emmanuel Macron “ment[did]” on this topic.

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“agriculture, it is not necessary to defend only when you are in the living room. It is the deeds that count”, was launched by the president of the region Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. According to him, if “the government has not defended our agricultural policy and our farmers,” at Brussels, is that this is not a “priority” by Emmanuel Macron.

Defend the “family farms”

“Here, what the president, it is not correct. Because we all know that in this time the budget of the agricultural policy may be reduced by 10% to 15%. So, then, when he comes on the show, saying ‘I defend the agricultural policy’, it is false. When he says, that he lies,” said Laurent Wauquiez.

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“not to defend our agricultural policy, then, it is turn to industrial agriculture in which there will no longer be the agriculture of family farms, which is our pride,” added the leader of the party The Republicans, which claims to have “doubled” the budget for agriculture in the region over which he presides.

Saturday, during his visit at the salon of agriculture, Emmanuel Macron promised to “not let go”, defending “the strength of the French model,” and arguing for a CAP that is “reinvented”, with a strong environmental dimension.