Minister and professor of constitutional law, Laszlo Trocsanyi leads the list of the Fidesz in the european elections. Candidate for a post of european commissioner, he calls to hear the position of the central Europe, according to which a strong Europe should be based on member States strong.

LE FIGARO.- Why have you agreed to be the head of the list of the party in power in this moment of crisis between the Fidesz and the EPP, the conservative group in the european Parliament, and between the EU and Hungary?

Laszlo TROCSANYI.- The first answer is that, all my life, I crossed the Europe, in of important functions. As a university professor who taught courses on european law, as a diplomat in charge of many negotiations between Hungary and the EU. I have finally been a judge of the constitutional Court, a post to which I was confronted, again, for the conflicts of competence between european and national levels. So I thought that I could be useful. Today, it is …

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