Allied with LR for the June legislative elections, the president of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde called on Friday to vote for candidates other than those of the presidential majority, in order to force Emmanuel Macron “to negotiate” rather than listen to himself. “himself”.

“The subject of the legislative elections is whether the French will once again entrust an absolute majority to Emmanuel Macron or if they force him to discuss (…). If he has an absolute majority, he will listen to the only person he has listened to for five years, that is to say himself”, estimated on Sud Radio the deputy of Seine-Saint-Denis, candidate for his re-election.

The Head of State “no longer has to account to the French, he cannot represent himself” so “this leads to new excesses and we have seen what reaction it may have had in the street on occasion yellow vests or pension reform,” warned the center-right leader.

He predicted “a social explosion”, while “many French people are suffering and the return of inflation is putting the French in extreme financial and social tension”.

Not better on the left, especially in terms of proposals for purchasing power, in his eyes: the program of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (Nupes) is the “promise fair for gogos”, d ‘after M. Lagarde.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon “promises everything and anything” and “the next day, you will not see the color of the money that you are promised, because this money does not exist”, he said .

The head of the UDI indicated that his movement presented “a hundred” candidates for the ballot on June 12 and 19, “ready to vote for the laws which go in the right direction, but which will oppose all excesses” .

At the national level, UDI and LR have a common candidate in 94% of the constituencies, with 59 reserved for the UDI. In about thirty others, no agreement has been reached and everyone is free to go their own way.

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