The Nupes appears welded to the National Assembly. The four groups that make up this union of the left (LFI, PS, EELV and PCF) will sign, table and vote the motion of censure against the government after Elisabeth Borne’s general policy speech on Wednesday July 6. If the Nupes has 133 seats in the hemicycle, it does not have a majority and will have to convince the 89 RN deputies and the 64 LR elected officials. Except that the right and the group of Marine Le Pen have already closed the door to this option.

Its signatories present it as a “motion of no confidence” in the Prime Minister who did not plan to ask for a vote of confidence on Wednesday in the National Assembly.

“This will put each and everyone face to face with their responsibilities,” said the president of the LFI deputies Mathilde Panot to the press, who sees in this motion “a question of principle” facing a head of government who “veils her eyes”. Communist Sébastien Jumel stressed that it was not possible for the left to grant confidence “a priori”, hence this motion of censure, “the only tool available”.

The four left-wing groups at the Palais Bourbon – LFI, PCF, ecologist, PS – are associated with it, but some individual deputies may not co-sign it, such as the socialist Valérie Rabault who has distanced herself from the Nupes . In the PS group, “there are internal debates and the majority has decided to support this proposal”, said their leader Boris Vallaud.

Is this motion a test for Nupes? Boris Vallaud and Julien Bayou, co-chair of the green deputies, replied together that “it’s a test for the government”.

Such a motion is admissible only if it is signed by at least one tenth of the members of the National Assembly, i.e. 58 deputies. The Nupes alone has 151 deputies.

The motion must be submitted to the vote of the National Assembly at least 48 hours after its tabling, under article 49-2 of the Constitution, that is to say Friday at the beginning of the afternoon at the earliest. To bring down the government, it would have to gather an absolute majority, which seems unlikely for lack of a rallying of the oppositions.

The RN group (89 deputies) in particular has not planned to vote in favor. “We are not here to block everything, to break everything, we are here to propose solutions”, according to his spokesperson Sébastien Chenu.

The same for the LR group (62 deputies): “We will not play this game”, indicated its president Olivier Marleix on LCI. “It seems to me quite childish as an approach […] and totally unnecessary”, he criticized, referring to a “slightly theatrical strategy of tension” on the part of LFI.

Asked if she was calling on the far right to vote on the motion, Mathilde Panot replied, “I’m not calling on anyone to vote. And Bayou adds: “I don’t call them anything, I don’t even greet them.” »