the CIA and the Pentagon have developed a special warhead for the old Hellfire missile (AGM-114). The Hellfire missiles were originally against tanks developed, but have been to the main weapon in the drone war.

R9X – internal Ninja-called bomb has no explosive warhead, but is killing by Sound. Shortly before the collision R9X from the spread of six knives, the cutting literally everything in the destination in the strip. That sounds bloodthirsty, but should serve to kill when using only the target person and to reduce the risk to people in the area.

The normal warhead of the Hellfire will contain about nine kilograms of explosives, he produced a dead zone of several meters in diameter. Due to the Explosion can be set also splinter-free, which can also have a greater distance to be fatal.

limited effect of the Boeing MQ-25 Stingray fear of China’s missiles – the Stingray-drone, the US Jets will refuel From Gernot Kramper

The Ninja bomb to kill only the target person. For the target person, it was as if a raging anvil from the sky were to fall, said anonymous sources, the Wall Street Journal. Internally, the weapon will be called either “Ninja bomb” or a kind of sharp kitchen knife “The Flying Ginsu”.

The use of the knife-bomb shows exactly how the Hellfire missiles find their target. In the case of a deviation of one or two meters, the Ninja-bomb would be useless. The sources of the “WSJ” said that the weapon sheath even between right seat and left seat. Theoretically, it is possible to kill someone who sits in the passenger seat of a moving car, but not the driver. The Seating position of the target within the cars, therefore, must be precisely known. A use is, therefore, only with a very good education possible. The effect of the weapon is so limited that they can also be used against people in buildings without an Explosion to the collapse of the house leads.


a Total of the weapon is to be used only “about half a dozen Times,” reports the Wall Street Journal. The CIA is to you – the newspaper – used to be in February of 2017, the Al-Qaeda Deputy, Ahmad Hasan Abu Khayr al-Masri off. Photos after the operation against al-Masri show a hole that was ripped in the roof of his car, but no traces of an Explosion. In the case of the typical explosive charge of nine kilograms only scattered debris in an Explosion in the Interior of the vehicle remained.

The development of the bomb is said to have been inspired by U.S. President Obama. In its term in office, the drone war, the United States has been greatly extended, and experienced in the world of massive criticism because of the high number of uninvolved Victims were in the vicinity of the Impact.

at the same time had adapted the hunted insurgents, the drone threat, and groups of civilians hiding. The low number of operations shows, however, that the Ninja-bomb was only used in highly isolated. A significant reduction of the civilian victims of the drone program will certainly not have revealed.

source: WSJ

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