Update of 29. November, 06.30 PM: witnesses to the large-scale police operation are also scared two days after the knife attack at the Rosenheimer Platz nor sustainable. “We came out of a Pizzeria. Suddenly, about 20 police officers with machine guns rushed in the plot past us. That was spooky. In the first Moment, I thought of a terrorist attack,“ described a woman your impressions.

some of Munich is likely to evoke the night-time incident, memories of the so-called Isarmord. In may 2013, a 31, was stabbed to death-Year-old Italians on the Isarradweg in the vicinity of the Deutsches Museum. The offender is not taken up today.

police in Munich announced the Details of the Robbery

Update from 28. November, 12.10 PM: The Munich police force has notified after the knife attack on a woman on Tuesday evening, new Details. A 31-year-old woman went to the counter-20.45 alone the high street. Suddenly, an unknown man walked up to you. The Unknown gave the woman a knife and demanded cash. The woman gave the man, according to police, a low two-figure sum – but then, someone stabbed with a knife on the woman. He fled in the direction of the Rosenheimer Straße.

Many passers-by choose to the emergency in order to inform the police. Despite extensive tracing action the man could not be caught. The woman was taken to a hospital. It is not according to the police, is currently in danger of their lives.

woman with a knife attacked: description of the Offender to the police in Munich

male, approximately 20 to 30 years old, about 1.70 to 1.80 meters tall, with a slender figure; dressed in dark clothing, wearing a cap or a hood, no glasses, spoke English without an accent.

The police is now looking for witnesses. Persons, in particular occupants of the vehicle, which stopped in temporal relation with the crime scene in the vicinity, and relevant information can be asked of the police headquarters in Munich, Commissariat 11, number 089/2910-0, or any other police Department in connection to.

knife attack in Munich: murder Commission determined

Update from 28. November, at 9.30 a.m.: the police Now announced, which are prey of perpetrators, the injured, on Tuesday evening, a woman at Rosenheimer Platz with knife wounds: The man of steel, the 31-Year-old the debit card and your cash. The murder determined Commission.

knife attack at the Rosenheimer Platz: perpetrators continue to escape

Update 28. November, 7.08 PM: The man injured a woman on Tuesday evening at Rosenheimer Platz with knife wounds, is still on the run. As a spokesperson for the Munich police force said on Wednesday morning, there is currently still no concrete evidence on the identity of the Unknown. The investigators are working with high pressure. More information will be made known to the police in the course of the day.

robber injured woman with a knife – the S-Bahn station in the meantime,

Munich – A brutal robbery occurred on Tuesday evening near the Rosenheimer Platz – first, fears of a bloody RAID series is not confirmed fortunately. This has informed the Munich police.

preliminary information suggests that a so far unknown perpetrator robbed at the junction of Rosenheimer street and high street, a woman and using a knife to hurt the stitches. The victim had to be transported to a hospital.

a Large police operation in Munich – worst fears not confirmed

The police responded with a large-scale use, for, among other things, the S-Bahn station Rosenheimer Platz, meanwhile, has been locked (see S-Bahn Ticker). The reason for the massive response: at Almost the same time several emergency calls from the area were at the police station to the place received the first of a series of offenses were suspect.