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appeared On YouTube an excerpt from the Christmas Comedy “home Alone”, where with the help of technology DeepFake the face of the actor Macaulay Culkin was replaced with the face of Sylvester Stallone. On it informs “the”.

the authors of the movie also changed the plot of the film, making it more dramatic. In the new version of the boy’s parents die in a plane crash, so he’s going to spend Christmas alone.

Technology DeepFake allows you to change the appearance of the person by using artificial intelligence.

the Picture of Chris Columbus “home Alone” was released in 1993. Currently, the film company Disney is working on a remake of the Comedy. The project will retain the main concept of the original but habitual robbers, the main character and his family were not in the movie.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump called honor of the 10-second participation participation in the film “home Alone–2”. American leader in the film playing himself. In a small episode, he suggested a lost the main character how to get to the hotel lobby.

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