Nupes-LFI MP Rachel Kéké admitted having shared messages of support for Marine Le Pen or the Syrian regime several years ago but which “do not reflect” her “political fight” today.

In a message on her Facebook page on Wednesday evening, the new MP for Val-de-Marne, former spokesperson for the long strike of chambermaids at the Ibis hotel in Batignolles, who on Sunday beat the former Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu, says she has suffered for a few days “attacks on social networks, particularly from the far right, aimed at (her) destabilizing and (her) discrediting”.

He is notably accused, according to screenshots, of having republished messages of support for the leader of the National Rally Marine Le Pen, or the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, accused of “crimes against the ‘humanity’, after the conflict in Syria in 2011 that claimed half a million lives.

Ms. Kéké does not deny these messages, but claims to have changed.

“A few years ago, I reshared posts on Facebook that absolutely do not reflect who I am and what I defend today in my political fight”, writes the one who intends to bring the voice of “invisible” workers to the Assembly.

“I learned a lot from my union involvement and the struggle at Ibis Batignolles,” she adds.

She affirms, “as an elected representative of La France insoumise and Nupes”, to share “fully the fights and the values ​​​​of these organizations which have made up this beautiful union of the left”.

“There is no possible ground with the far right. Racist, sexist and LGBT-phobic ideas must be fought relentlessly. The fight continues,” she concludes.

Contacted by AFP, Ms. Kéké did not respond.

Rachel Kéké “admits having supported the regime of El Assad (sic) and Mrs. Le Pen in the presidential election in 2017. She shared racist and homophobic publications. I remind you that it is a crime”, reacted on Twitter her opponent beaten in the legislative elections Roxana Maracineanu.

“But she assures us that she has changed. Everything is fine. Her constituents will judge,” continues the former minister.

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