The justice dismissed the letter sent to him, in the middle of the legislative campaign, the elected Parisian Rachida Dati (LR) implicating Gilles Le Gendre (LREM) in cases of moral and sexual harassment, according to the Paris prosecutor’s office. Tuesday, requested by AFP.

For the facts qualified as non-denunciation of misdemeanors or crimes and destruction of evidence, his letter received on Tuesday was closed for lack of offense.

As for the suspicions of moral and sexual harassment, raised about the former president of the LREM parliamentary group in the National Assembly, the prosecution took no action as it stands, for lack of having received a complaint.

The legislative battle in the upscale neighborhoods of Paris had turned into a legal fistfight with the desire of the LR mayor of the 7th arrondissement Rachida Dati to implicate in cases of harassment the LREM deputy Gilles Le Gendre, candidate for his re-election, who accuses in return the aedile of slanderous denunciation.

Ms. Dati’s report was based on an old union statement from parliamentary staff and press articles denouncing “false allegations” by Gilles Le Gendre, the latter having claimed not to have been aware of accusations of sexual harassment aimed at deputies.

The former Minister of Justice saw it as a non-denunciation of an offense or even a crime. Ms. Dati, leader of the Parisian right, also echoed remarks by former LREM deputy Joachim Son-Forget, renowned for his fanciful positions, accusing the former head of LREM deputies of being “suspected himself of sexual abuse which (him) was reported directly by the alleged victims”.

“A few days before an election in a constituency of which I am the outgoing deputy and her (Rachida Dati, editor’s note), one of the mayors, support of one of my competitors, it is easy to imagine the motivations of this self-proclaimed morality witness”, had castigated in a press release Mr. Le Gendre, candidate for his own succession in the 2nd Parisian district where his main competitor Jean-Pierre Lecoq, LR mayor of the 6th arrondissement.

Mr. Le Gendre says he has already been confronted with these rumors internally before coming out cleared.

Until the next legislative elections on June 12 and 19, the presidential majority holds 14 of the 18 Parisian constituencies, only two of which are occupied by LR deputies.

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