Deputy LR Julien Aubert said Thursday he was “interested” in the presidency of the Republicans, while Christian Jacob will leave his post after the June legislative elections.

“Yes, the presidency of the Republicans interests me. For my generation, there is a burning obligation to take part in the reconstruction of the right”, declared the one who is seeking a second term as deputy of Vaucluse in an interview with Figaro.

Because, according to Julien Aubert, “this future election must be an opportunity to take stock of our mistakes and settle internal debates”, whereas “in previous elections, we had put our problems of political line under the carpet trying to make this vote a plebiscite”.

“We can no longer continue to do politics as under Jacques Chirac or Nicolas Sarkozy. The Republicans must become the party of the nation, of freedom, of purchasing power and of the dignity of the working and middle classes, without paying in illiberal leftism or cautious identitarianism”, he recommended to rebuild the party, after the failure of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election, where the candidate LR peaked at 4.78% of the vote.

Ambition to recreate an RPR which would be “adapted to current issues”, he affirms that “to recreate a patriotic sensibility” it is necessary to “open” the party “to all French people weakened by a loss of purchasing power and a deindustrialized France, to reach out to people who belonged to (his) family, such as Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, even to the Republicans on the other side worried about Islamo-leftism”.

“All those who love the nation must come together, but no compromise will be possible with those who essentialize the human being, racialize it or refer to past, present or future far-right theories”, he assures Again.

Asked about a possible influence on his campaign in the legislative elections for the failure of Valérie Pécresse, Mr. Aubert wanted to be reassuring, certifying that “the voters (him) explain why they did not vote for her by (telling him) that they will decide differently in the legislative elections”.

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