The annual General meeting of FC Bayern München will take place this Friday, 30. November 2018, at 19.00 PM in the Audi Dome. Intake in the Audi Dome is from 16.00. After 19.00 hours no one comes in.

annual meeting: Who is allowed to participate in the AGM of 2018 FC Bayern Munich?

Only members of the FC Bayern! It comes only after the presentation of the membership card and the identity card in the Audi Dome. Important: Not all new members are allowed to participate. FC Bayern writes on its Homepage: “According to the articles of Association, §8, only members access to the annual General meeting, the members of the Association for at least one year or since the 01.01.2018 member and the 18. Of age.“

If all members want to be at the AGM in the Audi Dome, is it in there pretty tight. The club had last season, about 290,000 members. The Audi Dome has a maximum of 7,200 places.

Actually, it already happened that more members wanted to participate in the annual General meeting, as the Audi Dome could not believe. In 2016, it came in front of the hall to Chaos. Hundreds of members were employed in vain. The crowd was particularly large, because Uli Hoeness after his prison term as President for the election. So it looked at the time:

Will be transferred to the annual General meeting of FC Bayern Munich on TV and in the Live Stream?

Yes, but only partly and only in the Stream of the FC Bayern!

A Live broadcast on popular TV channels is not provided, but as usual, the club itself transmits the AGM 2018 live and in full length from approximately 19.00 in the Live-Stream on the (actually) paid club channel of FC Bayern TV. The Transmission of the AGM is free of charge and without registration.

Interesting: The Live-Stream Transfer ends according to the program calendar is already around 22: 00. Then the repeat was followed by the broadcast “The week of the Bavarians”. Experience has shown that the annual General meeting will take significantly longer than three hours. According to the official Twitter Account of FC Bayern final last year only to 22.45 PM.

To the end of the AGM are, in fact, provided the word messages (under agenda item 8 “miscellaneous”). Twelve-word messages, it was at the AGM in 2017. Critical voices could now unken: Fear of the Association with the word messages Fan protests? The Transmission ends so early, so that there are no Video images of the possible emotional word messages? The reason is much simpler. “The live stream does not end on all channels, as in every year, immediately after the official part was over and before the speeches, as we have the personality rights of the members in the case of word messages,” said the FC Bayern on demand, our online editorial team.

Only too good a rant of Uli Hoeness at the AGM in 2007, in memory, on the basis of a video -. At that time a Fan complained about the bad atmosphere in the Allianz Arena. The former Manger exploded and launched his legendary rant. Let us remember: “your Fucking mood? Since you’re responsible for and not us!“

it Should crash at the AGM of 2018, and again between the Fans and the Bayern bosses, then there will be no images in the Live Stream.

However, it can of course happen, that a Video of the scenes ends up on Youtube…

annual General meeting: talk about coach Niko Kovac at the AGM in 2018?

it is expected! May the Bayern bosses to strengthen him after the 5:1 victory against Benfica once again, the back – according to the Motto: “Niko Kovac, our coach is and will remain!” On Friday evening, Hoeness and Rummenigge can tell a lot, the next Bundesliga game at Werder Bremen is only on Saturday. After the game the coach could be the question of a controversial topic.

there May also be a point of one or more members on the topic of Niko Kovac, and the current sporting Situation of the club. Members who wish to speak must sign up prior to the beginning of your speech. The speeches are on the agenda at the very back.

AGM 2018: there Is a Protest of Fans because of Paul Breitner?

possible! In the Forum of Fans are already discussing a possible Protest. A Fan asks: “highly visible posters were placed, the kindle a large effect in the media… solidarity with Paul Breitner, who speaks only the truth…” And another writes: “‘Paul Breitner’ Call would be nice”.

another Fan asks: “Makes posters/signs, etc… Boos Hoeness! Report to you later.“ Another even recommends: “just Take a couple of eggs. This is already causing a stir.“ The latter would of course be no more peaceful Protest, more and action, beyond good manners.

That the supporters of FC Bayern, the Causa Breitner is burning under the nails, was on Wednesday in the Champions League game against Benfica Lisbon In the final stage, the well-known Fans in the South stand color for Breitner and agreed to be clearly heard “Paul Breitner”-chants.

About the matter: Bayern legend Paul Breitner. at the instruction of President Uli Hoeness is no longer in the honored guest area of the Allianz Arena Breitner had previously played in public to be a lack of understanding for the media at the press conference, the FCB bosses five weeks ago expressed. The 67-Year-old commented on the matter to the Bild newspaper: “There was a call from Mr Dreesen, I am encouraged by Uli Hoeness, me for the foreseeable future, not in the guest of honor-area bto lick. I told him I thought So anyway. And I don’t want to see one or the other at the Moment anyway.“

Paul Breitner says: “I have decided to send back my two free tickets that I own, as honorary leader for life, hands of Mr. Dreesen. I don’t want to give the impression that I want free cards.“

You may be curious as to whether the Bayern bosses to the annual General meeting on the topic of Paul Breitner will speak. May Fans to speak the topic in the comments at the end of the AGM. In this case, Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge himself, Willy-nilly, to the exile of Paul Breitner from the guest of honor, you need to Express.

Oli Pocher taunts after Breitner-reference against Uli HoeneßJHV 2018: The Executive Board, boss Rummenigge says to the annual General meeting

in advance of the AGM 2018 Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recalls the successes of the past six years, and warns according to the Bayern website: “We should not now make the mistake because we are currently in the table there where we would like to be, to put everything in question.” He expects, in view of the sporting Situation with criticism of the Fans at the AGM? Rummenigge says, however, in terms of the event: “I think it will be a quiet evening.”

AGM 2018: Oliver Kahn on Friday for Bayern-Boss?

no! New elections are not due at this year’s annual General meeting. President Uli Hoeness has for another year – until November 2019 – the mandate of the members of the FC Bayern. The contract of management Board Chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge is still valid up to the 31. December 2019. However, timely talks on a new contract for Rummenigge. An extension is considered to be a matter of form, this could be on Friday at the annual General meeting announced. For the extension of Rummenigges contract, there is no need for elections.

The Name of Oliver Kahn but it could be at the annual General meeting in 2018, quite a topic. Possible that Hoeness or Rummenigge to announce that he will in the future play an important role in FC Bayern. As the Sport Bild, the Bayern bosses the Plan that Kahn will in the future be an important role in the Association. The Sport-leaf-writes on this subject: “The preparation of future club leadership has the Supervisory Board, which met most recently at the end of August. Before the annual General meeting on Friday, may 30. In November, the Committee again.“

AGM 2018: Presented to the Association at the annual General meeting re-record-Numbers?

Yes! These are, however, already since a couple of days. How FC Bayern is already on 21. November told, in the financial year 2017/2018, once again recorded record sales. And not only the FC Bayern München AG, but also the FCB group, including all subsidiaries.

consolidated revenue amounted to 657,4 million euros. That is almost 17 million more than in the previous fiscal year, as the amount was 640.5 million euros. The bottom line is 29.5 million euros, the third-highest profit in the club’s history

In the prior-year stay in Munich in order, the group had celebrated a record profit of 39.2 million euros. The FC Bayern München AG, the joint-stock company of a record of the master without any of the subsidiaries, made a total turnover of 624,3 million euros. Here, the profit was 22 million euros.

Since the spin-off of the license, the game Department in the AG in the year 2002, the FCB of its revenue, according to its own information, to 355 percent, from 176 million euros to 624 million can increase.

AGM 2018: The points on the agenda of the annual General meeting of the FC Bayern München

1. Report of the President

2. Accountability report of the Vice-presidents

3. Report of the auditors on the financial statements

4. Discharge of the Bureau

5. Election of the auditors for the financial statements

6. Confirmation of the appointment of two honorary members of the Council

7. Report of the Executive Board of FC Bayern München AG

8. Miscellaneous