LR president Christian Jacob accused former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, himself an ex-LR, of being the “genesis” of the anger of the French and detailed five priorities for the legislative elections, in an interview with Ouest France Monday.

“The genesis of this anger is Édouard Philippe,” said the LR boss when asked about the risk of a new explosion around purchasing power.

“He is the man who managed to set fire to all the roundabouts in France” added Mr. Jacob, recalling that “at the start, the yellow vests were a cry of alarm about the power of purchase.

Despite the debacle of Valérie Pécresse in the presidential election (4.7%), the president of LR said he was “convinced” that the scores of the En Marche candidates “will collapse compared to 2017, and that ours will go up. “.

In this campaign where he intends to “practically make one trip a day”, Mr. Jacob welcomed the “commitment” of the executives and, more specifically when asked about Laurent Wauquiez, he estimated that the president of the Aura region ( Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) “has a very important voice in the reconfiguration of the right and the center that we must lead”.

Mr. Jacob also detailed five priorities of his party for the legislative elections: “lower the price of fuel at the pump” by playing on taxes, “index pensions on inflation and revalue them” so that no pension is below the minimum wage, and “reduce the burden on work”.

Mr. Jacob also defends the idea of ​​”absorbing medical deserts thanks to junior doctors” and “improving security by reinstating minimum sentences” and deporting convicted foreigners.

05/16/2022 15:36:39 –         Paris (AFP) –         © 2022 AFP