The president of the Republicans, Christian Jacob, asked Damien Abad, at the center of speculation on a rallying to the macronie, on Thursday to “leave his functions” at the head of the LR group in the National Assembly.

“I asked him this (Thursday) morning to get out of the ambiguity” and “he asked me for additional time to wait for the composition of the government”, indicates Mr. Jacob in a press release

“Under these conditions, I told him that we could not expect Mr. Macron’s goodwill to take him or not to take him to the government and that he had to leave his position as chairman of the group now”, he added.

“I have always taken my responsibilities and, once again, I will take them” with “clarity and frankness”, reacted on Twitter Mr. Abad, assuring that he would speak in an interview with the daily Le Figaro.

On Tuesday, the boss of the parliamentary group had, according to those around him, told the deputies that he would “clarify his situation by Friday”, with a view to the legislative elections.

But according to a source close to Mr. Jacob, Mr. Abad told him Thursday morning that “he would speak Friday noon when filing his application” application.

“This request for a delay is an admission” which prompted the party president to request the departure of Mr. Abad, added this source, according to whom the exchange took place by SMS.

Several LR officials immediately reacted on Twitter.

“There is no need for 24, 36 or 48 hours to know if the president of the LR group wants to be in the LR opposition or the LREM majority in the event of re-election”, affirmed the deputy of Vaucluse Julien Aubert, while that his colleague from Pas-de-Calais Pierre-Henri Dumont affirmed that Mr. Abad “exceeded the limits of the respect he owes us”.

“Hesitation is already a compromise,” said MEP Nadine Morano, concluding her tweet with a “come on, goodbye”.

Aged 42, Mr. Abad is the subject of speculation about a possible rallying to the macronie and a possible entry into the government, in particular since his meeting in the between-two rounds of the presidential election with Thierry Solère, ex -LR who has become an adviser to President Macron.

The presidential majority has already announced that it will not present a candidate against him in the fifth constituency of Ain for the legislative elections of June 12 and 19.

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