“at 10 o’clock in the morning on a November day in Freiburg, a Bank noticed an employee that an ATM machine is something wrong.” This everyday observation is a common Research of the U.S. magazine “Vice” and of the Bavarian radio begins to have captured over a mesh, with the cyber criminals of millions. On the screen of the vending machine, where you can change the language and the payout can be set, is now a chef that invites the user to fry chops. As the investigators move in, you will see that no money is missing. The Bank is yet to come with the horror of it.

Jack potting: money rain out of the machine and

But the investigators know: It might have been different. Cyber criminals use for several years, a method which was so far only known in specialist circles, to the ATM is empty. It works like this: Criminals obtain with the help of a malicious software to the Dispenser of an ATM – that part of the money from the vault into the Output hopper to be transported. The machine is free then the whole of the deposited cash. A money rain like in the Casino – the method is therefore called “Jack-potting”.

Interview Travis Witteveen, Avira-chief in an Interview: “It will only be worse” By Malte Mans

get The attacks in the world against several manufacturers of ATM machines (called ATMs). As the Bavarian radio in his report writes, will also be registered in this country in many cases. The on cyber crime specialist prosecutors in North Rhine-Westphalia, according to the currently determined, in ten cases. The damage total of the cases amounts to 1.4 million Euro. There is much to suggest that an organized group is behind the deeds.

The Federal criminal police office is warning ready in 2018, prior to a “significant increase” of Jack potting. In the spring of 2018 it is to be alone in Berlin, 36 cases were captured, several hundred thousand euros. Here, the mesh seems to come out in large style to use. In the United States, Latin America, and Southeast Asia Jack potting safety according to experts, however, a bigger Problem.

weak USB Port

place in Order to gain access to the ATM the Criminals use USB Sticks, on which the malicious software is located. These are plugged into the USB port, which is hidden mostly poorly secured behind easy-to-open Panels, writes “Vice”.

in Order to secure the dispensers, should protect the manufacturers of the devices, as well as the Windows interface of the vending machine is better, on the other, the communication between the machine and the Dispenser, and the hard disk should be encrypted to itself. In addition, the devices should always be kept patched up-to-date.

sources: Vice, Bayerischer Rundfunk

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