There are probably a few things you must be able to leave as much as on its Bank. Finally, it is about the money – and it must be reliable and be reciprocated. Right here, Commerzbank has denied on Monday all along the line: Eight hours were at the Bank because of IT problems, the services to a standstill. With the consequences in front of all the customers are likely to have to fight even longer.

The glitch affected all types of payment orders, standing orders, credit Transfers up to withdrawals by other institutions. The outage lasted according to the Bank, Monday night, 0 p.m. to about 8: 30 in the Morning. How many customers were affected, could not say, said a spokesman for the Bank, opposite the “DPA”. It was all of the accounts with the number 4 in the eighth position of the IBAN number.

Pay with Smartphone Apple Pay: This, German banks are (not) here,

Since December 2018, there’s Apple Pay in Germany. Customers can pay directly with the iPhone at the checkout, if your Bank supports the service. Many financial institutions, however, are not yet on Board.

By Christoph Fröhlich the customer must take care of yourself

Many customers are likely to still have longer to do with the consequences. The failure coincided with the start of the month, when Rent and bills come off and the content should arrive on the account. Although the Bank has to have the due to the failure of delayed Transfers carried out. Nevertheless, the failure of the payments could have triggered but, of course, already in a Dunning procedure. Whether seizure is to be taken at the end of late fees, is not clear.

For further Trouble but are likely to provide other financial institutions: All Transfers and withdrawals by other banks, such as through direct debits were rejected in the affected accounts, this can trigger the Commerzbank but even again. The customers have to worry about it, if the content of the Shopping bill could not be on the account arrived, or the phone, or Online not be charged.

This could be especially the Problem that some banks have not received the message that the affected accounts did not exist. The software then instantly order for payment procedure should be initiated, the Schufa, the Affected person can suffer. Twitter user “ResulBalboa” reported a similar acute Problem: “At Paypal, my account was deleted and now I’m at @PayPalDE in the Minus. I can, however, insert my account in Paypal. What should I do?” he tweeted in the direction of the Commerzbank. In response, the Bank is insured, you will go because of the problem on Paypal. In other cases, the customer should contact but even to other banks.

opinion of the Supervisory Board relieved The German Bank is deep in the crisis, and the shareholders make it worse

is in crisis mode. With a surprisingly good result, the shareholders grant discharge to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Achleitner. This shows how bad it is to Deutsche Bank ordered – and how negligent to shareholders to deal with your property.