Israel prevented a catastrophic cyber attack on water system

Israeli Authorities announced the prevention of major cyberattacks, which could disrupt the water supply systems in the country. As stated by the head of Department to ensure the national cybersecurity Yigal unna, hacker attack of this magnitude would have catastrophic consequences, and was first aimed at “real life” and the destruction of key infrastructure, not the IT sector or data theft.

the Threat was reflected in April, the newspaper “gaarets”. “If the attackers had succeeded, would we now, in the midst of the crisis with the coronavirus, encountered very great damage to the civilian population, scarcity of water and even worse,” said unna, speaking at a conference CyberechLive Asia.

Attempt to bring down the objects of distribution and control of waters of Israel marked the first occasion in modern history when “something like this, aimed at causing damage in real life, not IT or data,” said unna. According to him, if the Ministry had not discovered the cyber attack in real time, the chlorine or other chemicals could mix with a source of water in the wrong proportions, which would lead to “sabotage and catastrophic” result.

this unna declined to comment on possible involvement in the attack of Iran. He also did not associate the incident with the cyber attack, which two weeks ago caused a failure in the terminal of port of Shahid-rajai in the Iranian city of Bandar Abbas. According to The Washington Post, the hack was an Israeli response to the previously failed attempt to attack their water supply.

At the same time, not to mention these incidents, unna warned about the approaching “cybertime”. “Cybertime approaching and approaching even faster than I expected, he said. We see only the beginning.”

Text: News.Hi-tech