you have a iPhone longer in use, away goes the memory faster than you think. Since iOS 10.3, the System is somewhat modest, especially in older models with 16 gigabytes of data storage is still no time to be crowded. And can neither install new Apps, still photos shoot. Meanwhile, iOS helps it clean up with a little Trick it is especially in the case of older models, but very quickly.

most of The memory on it, the majority of users for media such as music, movies and photos. So anyone who wants to create a place, throws in a movie or a couple of photos from the iPhone. However, this is annoying, also if you want to keep a lot actually prefer to be on the device. One of the biggest memory-eater, many don’t have on the list: Apps that show content Online, müllen with your data and also the precious memory is full – without. Finally, if you look at most of the article only once. Well, there is a way to delete the unnecessary data.

Smartphone Why a popular iPhone-the Trick is not only useless but harmful So you get the free memory

provide Many Apps such as Whatsapp, a clean-up function in the settings. Others, such as Instagram make easy the storage is always full. A simple but impractical solution: Delete the Apps and reinstall, place. More simple battery Tricks you’ll find here.

Sometimes you want to but just to quickly free up memory. Then you can trick simply Apple’s System a bit. You want to stream a movie from iTunes, but has too little space, blades of the System in the Background as if by magic, to free memory. And you can make use of.

to open a movie rental in iTunes. Ideally, an HD movie consumes as much space as possible – for example, the 8,15 GB “Titanic”. Important: to avoid costs, it should be in the settings under “App Store” and set it to active, for every purchase enter a password. Now you have to tap the movie to “Borrow” and then “HD movie to borrow”. Then, the password query appears to be – and should be “cancel” is closed again. The space for the Film, the System has dug, then already in the Background, or at least a part of it.

a Few hundred megabytes, most users loose in it. Each time this Trick does not work, though. Who hardly surfs the net, and the entire memory filled with pictures, so, for example, can create a little space. News junkies and a lot of surfers, but more.

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peace will Not interfere in the cinema

“” in the iOS 12 even more practical. The pressed half-moon icon in control center, a choice of how long the mode will remain and the new ability to let him to Leave the current site active. So hall or in the Restaurant, silence in the cinema.

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