As Apple began to sell the first iPhones were the queues in front of the shops is legendary. Hours and part days the customers were in any kind of weather in front of the Store, to be able to finally get the new iPhone get. For some years, is over: The iPhone will only be available via pre-order. And for the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max which starts today.

the iPhone 11 order in the case of Apple

as of Friday, 13. September 14 at, open Apple, the digital gates and begin the presale of its new Smartphones. To the customer the devices to land on 20. September. Then, they can either be in an Apple Store to pick up or be delivered by courier.

Three cameras, and greater battery iPhone 11: The new Apple Smartphone in a Quick Check Of Christoph Fröhlich

the iPhone book, you only need to go to the appropriate product page (here you will find the the iPhone 11, the the Pro models). Once you have chosen a memory size, a color, and Per size, you can order. Attention: Apple is offering as a pre-selected prize that is offered when you Trade-in an older iPhone. The Swap is not worthwhile but in General, all models will achieve higher prices if you sell them yourself on platforms such as Ebay.

Who wants a specific model, you should keep however, right exactly at the start time of 14 hours. Although the crowd was not as large as a few years ago, are just the cheap models are usually sold out quickly. Then the shipping date shifts, often several weeks back. Therefore, pay attention at the time of ordering to the time of delivery on the “Next”Button and select a different model. The possibility of the collection you can check.

iPhone-11-pre-order the mobile phone Provider

if you Want to buy an iPhone with a phone contract, you have to turn instead to Apple’s own Provider. Telekom, Vodafone and O2 offer their own pages to pre-order. The big disadvantage: The creation date of this article, a legally binding order was in any of the providers. Anyone who was hoping for a Savings, is likely to be disappointed: In recent years, the rates were equivalent to the prices of the providers for sale start together with the co-payment to a large extent the sales price without a contract.

the Smartphone market, The iPhone 11 saves with innovations – missed Apple now? By Malte Mans

get The Telecom offers to its own page on the client a “Ticket” to pre-order can secure. However, for both sides are non-binding. The Telekom informed at the Start of the pre-orders of the customer, a guaranteed purchase is not possible.

Also, the Telefónica currently offers only the possibility to be in a Newsletter at the start of sales information.

In the case of Vodafone, there is a info page to the “New iPhone”, including the order function, the iPhone 11 is not listed there but still. Instead, Vodafone still provides the models from last year.

What about other dealers?

More retailers have listed the device already, some can even complete your order. Unlike Apple, you can leave at other stores, but not on the mentioned delivery dates. They are often only rough estimates and can move to the rear. Experience has shown that Apple supplies its own customer before the new iPhones are also shipped to other dealers. To iPhone 11, and co. to be effective, it should take anyway. Here you can find a forecast, when the prices are likely to fall.

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