As Steve Jobs in 2010 for the first Time, the iPad, the industry was confident that These devices will replace the Computer. But Apple’s careful handling of the iPad stand in the way of that. For too long the iPad as a giant iPhone was treated. With iOS 13 the radical cut came now: for The first Time, the iPad was no longer supported and now with iPadOS for the first time is a completely independent operating system.

iPad users do not need to Fear the Update, but. Basically, the most will continue to work as usual, the base is still not entirely clear iOS. With numerous new Features, the iPad however, it is noticeable in the direction of the Computer, and can replace, in fact, more than ever, a Laptop.

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anyone Who appreciates the classic view, you can also use in iPadOS more

©painted Mans Finally, the space used

After the Update, a question, which many iPad users rejoice: How many Apps you want to see on the Homescreen comes already? In the old Layout of the Icons is lost, and the distance between the 20 allowed App icons looked silly, was on the huge screen of the iPad Pro 12.9 inches downright ridiculous in size. Now you can finally see more: choose the Option “More“ to shrink the icons and make room for up to 30 Apps. Who doesn’t like it, just stays at the default setting. And still another way you can use the Homescreen better: Apple now allows to reach the Widgets always just Swipe to the right, permanently on the Homescreen display. So Charge levels of the headset, the last of the Chats or the messages remain always immediately in view. The Option works, unfortunately, only in the smaller App icons.


Finally, multiple Windows of the same App, even side by side

©Malte Mans open brings More computers than ever

Otherwise, the slow conversion in a Computer is less visible. So you can finally have multiple Windows of the same App open side by side. To do this, one wipes in the active App from the bottom edge upwards to open the Dock. Now you have to drag the second Icon from the Dock on the active window.

Also, the file system resembles more a Desktop-System: Safari and other Apps allow finally, content for download, instead of having to reach out to you from App to App around. At the same time, Apple also allows the Transfer of data by USB Stick – the right Stick is provided.

New iPhone System: iOS 13: the ten functions of Apple to choose a good device Fullscreen

hidden switch to Faster wireless networks

a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth, you had to dig so far through the menu. Now it goes directly in the control centre: Keeping you at the top left of the Wi-Fi icon and hold until the menu folds out. Now, select one of the Buttons and hold it down to get more options.

©Malte Mansholt star online

And for the First time, both mice and game controllers can be connected via Bluetooth. For example, the Controller of PS4 and Xbox One can be in supported Games used.

Wipe, wipe, wipe

Nevertheless, the iPad is designed, of course, continue to be in the first line on Touch. In order to make the Work more enjoyable, Apple has also introduced new Gestures that work on the iPhone. You had to shake earlier in the unit to make submissions on undo, it is sufficient to wipe with three fingers to the left. The same gesture to the right brings back the deleted contents again.


The Three-Finger Gestures are unusual at first, but quickly of course

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you Want to copy something, you have to move after Highlighting the text, three fingers from each other. If you, instead, add the copied content to the selected location.

One of the most exciting new features only comes with the for October expected Mac operating system to Catalina. With “Sidecar“ disappearance of the boundaries between the computer and the Tablet. The iPad as a sidecar to a wirelessly connected second screen, and then displays the contents of the computer. At the same time, the Strengths of the Tablets but on computer use and the iPad with Apple’s Pencil device as a sign-in for Photoshop and other Mac programs to use. So much flexibility Apple allowed never.


Like the iPhone, the iPad now has a system-wide dark mode

©Malte Mansholt The iPhone remains close

The most important innovations of the iPad with the classic iOS. Also, the iPad now gets a dark mode, which is white areas dark to protect in low light the eyes. The new photos App makes your moving tiles on the large Display, especially a lot of fun. And, of course, many of the privacy Features of the iPhones on Board. All of the new features of iOS you can find in this Text. In addition, the System offers some hidden features that controls the iPad also. This photo gallery reveals more.

a Total of iPadOS for Apple is likely to be a crucial step. After a long time Microsoft’s Surface Tablets covering the professional market, Apple has taken with the iPad Pro, this is one group of buyers to target. The limitations compared to Windows, however, were obvious. iPadOS many of these restrictions on breaks, without losing the classic iPad-stretching the user to be welded. So you manage the balancing act between the Touch operation and the working operation. And even the possibility of the System to slowly expand, without having to take the iPhone into consideration.

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