this is It: the day before the iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro in the Store, to Apple also the switch for the new iPhone System iOS 13. Owners of an iPad but will have to wait: With iOS 13, the iPad is no longer supported, with iPadOS appears on the 30. September is now a private System. However, owners of an iPhone will offer much that is New. What are the devices getting the Updates, you can find here.

Finally a dark

For many the Highlight: Apple offers two finally have a System-wide dark mode. Of the many bright backgrounds in the System on dark surfaces and protects so in the dark the eyes. The users have the choice whether or not you want to enable the mode in the evening, automatically, all the time, or not at all. Good: All the Apple applications and many third-party Apps are switched to the Start.

More computers than ever before

With iOS 13 is the iPhone also an extraordinary step in the direction of the Computer. Finally, it knows the direct Downloads in Safari and other Apps. Also, the Transfer of data via USB-Stick is possible – the right Stick is provided. And Apple’s mobile devices get the first mouse support via Bluetooth. In the same way game controllers can now be connected. For example, the Controller of PS4 and Xbox One can be in supported Games used.

The iPad, the Changes are considerably more dramatic. Although the Displays with up to 12.9 inches are significantly larger than in the case of Smartphones, treated Apple Tablet when you operate like a giant iPhone. With iPadOS the changes at last: The iPad gets a much more flexible multi-tasking, a new Homescreen, and much More. The Changes we introduce at the Start of the system in more detail.

Wiping can, make

mainly to Work on the iPad even more enjoyable, Apple has also introduced new Gestures that work on the iPhone. You had to shake earlier in the unit to make submissions on undo, it is sufficient to wipe with three fingers to the left. The same gesture to the right brings back the deleted contents again. You want to copy something, you have to move after Highlighting the text, three fingers from each other. If you, instead, add the copied content to the selected location. Once they get it, is actually faster than the annoying fumbling around in the little menus. If you prefer, you can use but just keep.

iOS 13 Apple’s new privacy Feature will be a Problem for Facebook and Whatsapp By Christoph Fröhlich

And elsewhere need to rethink the user: Because the new iPhones not a 3D master Touch, i.e. between a firm and a gentle Press can make a difference, Apple has implemented most of the previously dissolved in functions with a long Press. It’s worth it in many Apps and in the System, therefore, is to keep objects longer pressed.

the Practical example, in the revised control-center. You press long on the Wi – Fi or Bluetooth icon, you come to the list of possible Connections. Previously, you had to navigate to through the menu.

photos in focus

to Properly send the new photos App is. Apple provides the images and Videos in the foreground when you Scroll through the different sizes arranged pictures Video Clips (mute) and live play images. As in the standard view, a concern can be sorted out lots of pictures of photographed documents and Screenshots, get the memories of more space. In the corresponding albums, the other shots are of course still to.

the success of the images better, Apple has renewed the editing tools around. You make it easier to make the Most of your own photos – and now Videos – to get.

New iPhone System: iOS 13: the ten functions of Apple to choose a good device Fullscreen

hidden switch to Faster wireless networks

a Wi-Fi or a Bluetooth, you had to dig so far through the menu. Now it goes directly in the control centre: Keeping you at the top left of the Wi-Fi icon and hold until the menu folds out. Now, select one of the Buttons and hold it down to get more options.

©Malte Mansholt star online hard times for data Kraken

Major new features, there are also the privacy. With “Apple log in” allows the group to look at services and sites, without giving them access to their own data or only the E-Mail address. To do this, Apple will generate a random e-Mail address, the only use of this provider. The Mails, which arrive about to be redirected from Apple to the user. So Apple combines the comfort of the login services from Google or Facebook offer, with the high degree of privacy, with the group advertises like.

WWDC 2019 Apple is the most important step for years, painted Mans

Holt At the use of Apps helps iOS 13 is also still more to protect their own data. So Apps must be allowed, in the future, often after the approval, sensitive data such as the location or the Bluetooth connection to questions of use. A App retrieves in the Background about often the location, the System asks now whether you want to allow more. In addition, the users of Apps, can now force to have to every single Time ask for permission.

Never again

One of the biggest potential find the new App “Where is”. Apple will bring the Apps “friends” and “My iPhone”. So all of the Apple devices, find friends and family in one App, you can now – as long as the people have granted the appropriate approval. What is new is that now Apple devices even without an Internet connection find. To do this, Apple uses the Bluetooth function of its devices to an encrypted network, the the information.

The biggest potential of the App but in the new iPhones. The led U1-Chip allows things in space with extremely high precision to places. Apple brings out in fact, as mentioned in the rumors, reportedly, own Clips that can be attached to keys, backpack, and co., appears, soon, the lost wallet in the “Where”App.


Apple Arcade the iPhone gets a (paid) games-Flatrate

©Malte Mansholt star online I Finally

The biggest Highlight for many owners of a Face-ID-enabled device, but should be something completely different: Finally, you can the self-made Animoji versions of the use of his self as Emojis. Instead of the generic yellow smiley in the face and laughs at the Chat contact. Or look grim. In the messages App, the Memojis called Emoji natively usen, for Whatsapp and co. are exported as images. Great fun.

Gamble without end

Who likes to play games, or the iPhone also that to the kids in the squeeze of the Hand, may also enjoy the Apple Arcade. The new games-Flatrate offers access to hundreds of exclusive iPhone Games. The family subscription is the monthly price of 4.99 Euro, the first month is free. Great: While additional block purchases by Time, and similar annoyances in Smartphone Games, long ago are normal, they are forbidden in the Apple Arcade.

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