For several hours, the hashtag “Instagram down” has been rising on Twitter. Many Internet users complain of difficulty logging in and some mention suspended or untraceable accounts. In the process, the communication department of the subsidiary of Meta assured to be aware of these bugs and work on them. “We apologize for the inconvenience caused,” they said.

Dozens of Internet users said Monday on social networks that their Instagram identifiers were not recognized or that they had received messages telling them that their account was suspended. The specialized site Downdetector has put the number of incidents at several thousand, with a peak around 2 p.m. GMT. A similar incident occurred on September 22, without Instagram explaining why.

The outage comes less than a week after another flagship Meta app, WhatsApp, crashed and affected billions of users last Tuesday. In October 2021, Instagram, WhatsApp, but also Meta’s flagship, Facebook, were shut down for several hours after a coordination problem between its various data storage centers. Meta was down nearly 5% on Wall Street, with the stock price at its lowest since January 2016.

The group published, last Wednesday, results deemed disappointing by analysts, marked by the slowdown in advertising and the emergence of competitors, in the first place TikTok.