The Facebook Apps Instagram and WhatsApp get a name add-on that makes your membership in the group significantly.

you should now be called “Instagram of Facebook” and “WhatsApp by Facebook,” as a spokesman for the Online network, the news website “The Information” was confirmed at the weekend. The step would have no effect on the functionality of the Apps, but would be a political Signal.

critics are calling for the smashing of the Online network, and one of the mentioned variants of the spin-off of Instagram and WhatsApp. In addition, American competition authorities after the information of the “Wall Street Journal” check whether Facebook had bought at the time, the two Start-ups to rivals.

Facebook had taken the photo-platform Instagram in 2012 for around one billion dollars, and the chat service WhatsApp for a good two years later for $ 22 billion. Both were initially largely independently under the umbrella of the group, recently took to Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, however, increasingly under his control. He also announced to bring WhatsApp, the second Facebook-chat, Messenger service, as well as the corresponding function of Instagram on a common technical platform. This would also complicate a possible secession. The founders of Instagram and WhatsApp have left Facebook in the meantime.

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