Insider: smart glasses will be half the price of the Apple iPhone Pro

Author and host of a YouTube channel Front Page Tech’s Jon Prosser claims that he has become aware of a number of important details about the first Apple device of a new category of smart glasses.

Blogger has announced the name of the device – Apple’s Glass – and extremely attractive (as compared to Google Glass, which cost thousands of dollars, and compared to the latest flagship smartphones Apple) price of $ 499. Displays will be mounted in both lenses (for extra money you can order glasses with diopters), and to interact with the device will have a contactless gesture.

With its powerful processor, Apple Glass will not be as early models of the Apple Watch, for calculations and data the gadget will rely mainly on its associated iPhone. One of the early prototypes of the glasses had a built-in camera-lidar (like the recent iPad Pro) and have used wireless charging.

According to the insider, Apple’s original plan was to talk about an upcoming device this fall, at the end of the presentation of the next iPhone models. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus and related restrictions, it was decided to postpone the announcement for the spring 20121-year. While the device itself is, according to Prosser, in a fairly high degree of readiness to market it supposedly can release at the end of 2021 or 2022, the year.

Prosser recently established himself as an informed insider, a few weeks before the official announcement accurately giving details about the new iPhone SE, namely, color and price. The blogger was also able to provide an estimate of the “window” the release of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the updated keyboard, but with the date of the WWDC, he made a mistake. Was also the senior Vice President of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller has blocked him on Twitter.

Earlier, where more than deserved expert on the supply chain of Apple, Ming-Chi Kuo of Taiwanese consulting company, TF Securities, reported that smart glasses Apple will “most informed” in 2022, the year. According to his DanNYM, is going to use the gadget expensive lens with multi-layer laminating, to “create innovative user experiences in mixed and augmented reality”.

it is Curious that while none of the insiders are not really told about the specific usage scenarios of smart glasses and how they will be integrated into the ecosystem of high-tech products and Apple services.

Text: To.Hi-tech