This is the time of the results. Approximately 800 companies on 1 400 called upon to publish their index of equality of women and men have done it, some with excellent notes, such as Sodexo and Maif, and other poor results, said on Tuesday the minister of Labour Muriel Pénicaud.

On these companies of over 1,000 employees, “a little more than 800 published” their data and “more than 500 have started” and, therefore, are late, said the minister, when questioned on RTL. At mid-day, they were exactly the 831 to have published, of which 732 of more than 1 000 employees, some smaller firms having ahead of the call, said the minister during a press conference.

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For those of you who will not publish their index, “the law allows to punish them financially,” said Muriel Pénicaud. These large companies had until march 1 at midnight to publish their overall score out of 100, broken down into five criteria : the gender pay gap between women and men (graded out of 40 points), the difference in annual increases (20 points), the gap in promotions (15 points), increases the return from maternity leave (15 points) and finally the presence of women among the larger salaries of the company (10 points).

Of CAC 40 companies “in the red”

They are 118-to-be “red alert”, that is to say below 75 points. Below the 75 points, the company has three years to improve the situation, under penalty of financial sanctions which could be up to 1 % of payroll.

“there are several groups in the CAC 40, a part of its subsidiaries is in the red”, she added, citing Engie and Thales. In these enterprises in which the State is a shareholder, Muriel Pénicaud has indicated that the APE (agence des participations of the State) would be seized. To the contrary, “so far, three firms have between 99 and 100 points : Sodexo, the Maif and NOC”.

‘t enough women among the most high salaries

according To these provisional data, if large companies comply with “pretty well” the criterion of equal pay, they have more difficulty with the presence of women among the most high salaries, what we call the “glass ceiling”. Half have less than two women among the ten highest remuneration.

similarly, “a quarter of the companies” do not comply with the 2006 law on the maternity leave prescribed by the employer benefit increases that occurred during this period.

“We have all been increased in the year-end,”

The note must be published each year. “It is necessary that there is grist for the mill, and that the unions take it by force”, in economic and social committees (ESCS), argued the minister. For the CFDT, it is necessary to “analyze in detail the different aspects measured by the index.” “An overall rating of satisfactory can mask realities are very disparate and very discriminatory”, she said.

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Muriel Pénicaud has explained that they had received messages from “women leaders who say to me : ‘this is, it’s funny, at the end of the year we have all been increased'”, sometimes “more than they had had in ten years !” The enterprises between 50 and 1 000 employees have extra time to publish their index.