In WhatsApp appeared remittances

Messenger WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, announced the launch of money transfer options from inside the app. The first opportunity to send and receive money through Facebook a Pay service became available in Brazil.

to Transfer funds to individuals and small business owners. For example, you can consult with the representatives of the brand in the online chat and immediately pay for the goods. User WhatsApp the Commission takes, however, companies charged a service fee for receiving payments.

“More than ten million companies in the field of small and micro-businesses support the livelihoods of communities and settlements in Brazil. There has become customary to send WhatsApp messages companies to get the necessary information – told in WhatsApp. – Now customers can not only browse the catalogs of stores, but also pay any goods. We have simplified the payment function, so that more companies could become part of the digital economy and to discover new opportunities.”

Translations are done and displayed in your chat WhatsApp – same as regular messages. To confirm a manual payment six digit PIN-code or fingerprint.

In Brazil, users can connect to your WhatsApp account with a credit or debit card on the basis of a Visa or Mastercard, the Company cooperates with banks Banco do Brasil and Sicredi Nubank, as well as local payment system Cielo.

choose a region to start a new feature was unexpected. The company has several months of testing, remittances to India, where WhatsApp is actively used by 400 million people a month, while in Brazil is 120 million. Representatives of the service have noticed that a new “very soon” could be available in other countries.

Text: To.Hi-tech