Every cat owner, in the case of a free-goer cat lives, it has been the question: Where is my cat, actually the whole day on the road? What do you do when she comes for hours to get home? They visited three streets from a cat, buddy, is roaming around you just walking around and watching the birds or she has made it to a Sunny spot to relax?

the answer is probably quite simple: cats do that, just like what they have and it is exactly this property to appreciate and love the cat fans so much to the animals. There can arise times of envy, because let’s be honest: What is a cat-lover, had not the desire to see the world from the perspective of a cat, in order to experience the same adventure?

a computer game is not finished yet – but already there are a lot of Fans

this need of game designer Eric Blumrich of the U.S. has recognized the state of Maine and used. He is developing the Open-World-Game “Peace Island” with his small team of developers. You should can a cat play. Although the game is not finished yet, there are already a lot of Fans that comment on Twitter, you can expect a preliminary release date in the year 2020, barely. to keep

the Fans on the progress to date, published Blumrich regularly the progress of its development on Twitter. Sure to keep also, to the people in a good mood, and support a Crowdfunding campaign for the realization of the project financially.

What to expect “Peace Island”-player?

The player should be able to take control of nine different cats. Each has its own Strengths, weaknesses and a personality of its own. In addition, each cat has its own role in the history of the game. The cats Wake up one day on the island and notice that your human companions are gone. But where to go?

Together, they want to go on and encounter other animals that they need to take good care of it. Violence content is completely omitted. Instead, it comes to Solving puzzles and, ultimately, the question is: Are the human companions at all worth saving, or the cats, and to get on without you?

sources: Twitter / Kickstarter

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