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Russia’s Largest state Bank in cooperation with Visa and a network of supermarkets “Azbuka Vkusa” was opened to test innovative store, where there are no cashiers or self-checkout. Control of purchases are computer vision systems, and payment happens automatically when you exit the store.

About a new project in a digital ecosystem “savings” writes RBC with reference to the representative of the company. While the technology is being tested behind closed doors — it can benefit some customers in the store “ABC of taste” in the business center “Moscow-city”, but within a month should be available to all. Need to download the Bank-developed app, Take&Go, sign up and snap a Visa card.

the App appeared in Google Play April 1 (installations until at least 500), and it is available for iOS. Mechanics of purchases is as follows: at the entrance to the store need to scan the QR code. Computer vision systems record the movement of goods in the shopping cart and back, automatically adding them to the shopping list in the app or removing it. Taking all necessary, you can just walk out of the store — the money at this point, you will automatically be charged, which will come as a push notification. With dishonest buyers will fight the same computer vision — it “remember” the intruder who attempted to cheat the system.

Yet, if you believe the reviews app users test the store represents “a tiny division”, where “little goods”, and one of the users “in the store just the police not planted with this app”. In addition, the reviews mentioned the inability to get an SMS to confirm when the registration attempt and excessive requests for information about the user and system permissions on the smartphone.

the Idea of this shop is not new — in the United States for more than 20 such points launched in tomircescu operation Amazon. In February, for the first time earned is not a small store with a limited assortment of prepared food, drinks and snacks, and a full supermarket, Amazon Go Grocery with an area of 715 sq. m. Now the world’s largest retailers intend to make, created by licensing technology to other companies.

Introduced by “Sberbank” system, however, is not developed by Amazon and another American company, Zippin. On this edition of told in the Visa, adding that the payment system testing the implementation of such projects around the world. On the website Zippin said that the development of firms allows the outlets, eliminating the cashier, to maximize the return per unit area of the store and to get rid of lines. And tracking of goods on the shelves in real-time and advanced video Analytics helps to more effectively form the inventory and to know everything about the buyer’s behaviour — what products and how long he looks, notice the advertising, which puts back on the shelf, etc.

Text: To.Hi-tech