A unanimous feeling binds the French to their farmers. The profession is favoured by public opinion, even if its practices are concerned sometimes with the public opinion. This is one of the three major lessons that can be drawn from the survey Odoxa Dentsu Consulting for Le Figaro and Franceinfo.

It shows that 85 % of French have a good opinion of the profession of the farmer. “A figure dramatically, but that is nothing new, note Gaël Sliman, co-founder and president of Odoxa. This figure is essentially the same as two years ago, 87 % in February 2017, and four years ago, 82 % in February of 2015.”

A strong dimension of love largely consensual. “Regardless of the orientation of partisan, gender, age, social environment, and/or the territory, urban or rural, everywhere in France, we love the farmers,” says the pollster. Politically speaking, 82 % of the supporters of Rebellious, or as much as the supporters, RN, as well as 88 % of LREM and 91 % of the LR have a good opinion of the farmers. The French are full of praise. “They consider them to be both “nice” (79 %), “passionate” (88 %), “courageous” (92 %), and especially “helpful” (93 %), ” says Gaël Sliman.

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But, beyond this idyllic picture, which shows a strong attachment of the French to their farmers, some are sometimes skeptical about their practices. “Slaughter and suffering, glyphosate and plant protection products are all critical,” notes Véronique Reille Soult, CEO of Dentsu Consulting, who has completed the survey by a watch on the social networks on the perception of farmers and agriculture French.

“The users point to a contradiction between the needs of healthy products and protectors of the environment with a race to productivity, which would benefit neither the farmers, nor consumers, nor to the planet, she summarizes. Internet users welcome the men, but oversee their production.” Some farmers, rather than to question and change their practices, they see these criticisms as a form of relentlessness. They complain of agribashing. A defensive reflex poorly perceived by consumers.

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The last teaching focused on the perception of the life in the countryside or in urban areas by the inhabitants of these territories”.It is better to be a French cities or the French fields?” asked the pollsters to users. Intermediate response: 83 % believe they have “a happy life” in rural areas, while their fellow citizens in the paris region are only 71 % to have this feeling. However, the rural areas have a “strong sense of abandonment”, in particular because of the growing scarcity of public services. 63 % of rural dwellers consider benefit of the “few public services on the territory”, whereas 87 % of the ile-de-france think the opposite. Ditto for access to the 4G: 46 % of inhabitants of rural areas regret a “bad access”, while 88 % believe, on the contrary, “have good access”.

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