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In the Assembly, the heckling of the oppositions against Élisabeth Borne


” Provocation ! ” ” It’s wrong ! Élisabeth Borne knew that her first speech on general policy in the National Assembly this Wednesday, July 6, would not be a cakewalk, here she finds herself having to raise her voice to drown out the cries that are coming from both sides. of the hemicycle. A few emanate from the National Rally, but it is on its left that the elected officials are the most agitated. ” The vote ! The vote ! As soon as his speech was over, while the majority deputies rose to applaud him, their Rebellious colleagues clapped their hands relentlessly on their desks, calling for a vote of confidence, which the Prime Minister refused.

It will have had a good game to promise a new method, extolling the compromise and extending the hand to the deputies, its speech did not convince the oppositions. One sentence in particular raised eyebrows: “I’m not a woman to shy away from. “Except for the vote of confidence!” we shout on the benches of Nupes. “This is the sentence that should not be said, since that is precisely what it does”, chokes Raquel Garrido (LFI), who denounces a speech without rupture and invites the government “to change notice and take the vote of confidence”.

“She is leaking,” agrees Sabrina Sebaihi (ecologists). “There is no political backbone, it is a pile of measures to try to please everyone without arriving at a consensus. Former communist presidential candidate Fabien Roussel believes the government “didn’t hear anything” after its election defeat, and understands “why they don’t want to put their speech to the vote”.

We are not on the lookout for a political coup without a future. We overthrow the government, and after what?Annie Genevard, interim president of LR

Sentiment shared on the other side of the hemicycle, at Les Républicains. “I come out a little hungry, I saw something more concrete”, recognizes Hubert Brigand, MP for Côte-d’Or. Marine Le Pen (RN), she tackles a speech “without political vision”. “I don’t know where Madame Borne is taking us, and I’m not sure she knows herself.” »

Elisabeth Borne is therefore unanimous in the opposition… against her. However, LR and RN are not ready to vote for the motion of no confidence tabled a few minutes before the speech by Nupes. The text, however very succinct, avoids any reference to a political trajectory and is content to denounce the absence of a vote of confidence, a way of not cutting itself off from a potential right-wing vote.

The interim president of LR, Annie Genevard, however confirms that her camp will not vote for her. “We are not on the lookout for a one-night political stunt. We overthrow the government, and after what? Rather, Republicans hope to “take advantage” of the relative majority in which the Macronists find themselves to push their ideas and proposals.

On the RN side too, we plead “constructive opposition”, Marine Le Pen ensuring that she is ready to “vote all the texts which will go in the right direction to improve the lives of the French”. Taunting the “buffoon deputies of the Nupes who prefer to hold happenings in front of the Palais-Bourbon and have no intention of protecting the French”, Julien Odoul (RN) points out above all the risk, in the event of the overthrow of the government, of seeing the key text on purchasing power postponed until the start of the school year, despite the urgency.

“It seems to me, however, that they are registered in the opposition, is surprised Sabrina Sebaihi. Either they have convergences with Emmanuel Macron’s project and they do not vote for the motion of censure, or they disagree and it must be voted on. Basically, the left does not believe much in the chances of success of its motion of censure. But like the role-playing game she played in the hemicycle by covering the speech with a hubbub of protest, she aims above all to satisfy her electorate, sums up a deputy from the left-wing coalition. “We don’t go to the same people. We must solidify the protest side for which we were elected. LR are in a race to find out who will be the most constructive…”