Benjy Fish is 15 years old. However, in contrast to his friends, who press daily to school, and he sleeps long into the day. After all, the young man from London is playing every night until four in the morning awake to “Fortnite” to.

he’s not about secretly. His mother has given birth to her son only on the idea of the school to throw and to concentrate instead on a career as a video gamer. “When my mom asked me to leave the school, so that I can play at the Computer, I thought at first that I had misunderstood him,” said Benjy to the English “Daily Mirror”.

Each day of the 15-Year-old gets first private lessons at home – of course, after he has rested, mostly against 14 clock. Priority of the school education in the house of Fish has not yet. Rather, the Teenager has the big prize money in sight, the wait for “Fortnite” on him. At the world Championships in July, Benjy’s proud of the two million U.S. could win dollars (2.65 million euros).

success premium of 44,000 euros he was already in the Quali

The victory home to recover for the young Englishman however, everything other than simple, because the competition at the world Cup in New York is great. First successes of the young professional, however, with a broad chest in the Competition: At the world Cup qualification, he made it as a single player directly in the first round. Alone this performance earned him a whopping bonus of $ 50,000 (44,000 euros). Benjy is in addition to the individual competition on top of that, also in the case of a mode with a team of colleagues.

“I’m dreaming of a E-sports career, since I was 13. With seven, the game was of my choice is still ‘Call of Duty’, last year, I started properly in ‘Fortnite’, I’ve earned a place among the world’s best.”, told Benyi to the “Daily Mirror”.

mother Benjy compares with the up-and-coming football Talent

The support on the part of the mother came the first successes, did not, financially, what: “My mother knew at first how good I am. Until I woke once in the middle of the night, because I had won at a European Online-tournament for 11,000 Euro. From the Moment the thing went through the ceiling.”

Now she was right behind him, manages her son even. If Benjy wins big at the world Cup properly, he wants to buy his mom a house: “My dad died of cancer when I was eight months old. Since then, we have a property to rent. A place we could call our Own would be madness.“

critics warn that the many of the computer games to be harmful for the health of the teenager could be. However, benjy’s mother compares her son with a young footballer who had to take his Chance. A regular profession he could take a life after all, even after his Fortnite career in attack.

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