In Russia, invented the parachute for rescue from high-rise buildings

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

In Russia, has created a unique parachute that will allow people to leave high-rise buildings in case of emergencies. The development has already received the necessary certificates and come to the market. About it reports a press-service of Rostec.

the Parachute gives you the opportunity to jump from a height of nine homes. To control the speed of the landing will help three domes of modern fabrics with low air permeability.

Use the parachute can people without special training. This was made possible thanks to a system of automatic stabilization of the body. In addition, the parachute will self-reveal need the height, and the dome does not collapse even upon contact with the building.

“this parachute system has no analogues in the world. Its key feature – the ability to make jumps from low altitudes where conventional parachutes do not work”, – said the developers.

Earlier it was reported that Russia’s Investigative Committee has analyzed the cases of injury and loss of life in the field of parachuting. The Ministry said that the services in the field of parachuting are very popular and are provided in many cities of the country. However, this sport is dangerous enough.

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