In Moscow has decreased the number of operations in the early stages of the cancer

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

Assembly “Healthy Moscow” has announced the reduction of the volume of transactions in the early stages of cancer. This was stated by chief freelance specialist-oncologist of the capital Destava Igor Khatkov, RIA Novosti reported.

“If to characterize in General, modern trends in the development of surgery, it’s still a drop in the volume of operations with early forms of cancer, it is precision, it is, of course, the introduction of minimally invasive technologies and performance for low volume operations on the background of effective drug treatment of common metastatic cancers,” said the medic.

in addition, Katkov noted the increased role and a significant efficiency of centralizing the flow of patients. Assistance in cases of Oncology uses sophisticated technology, which is easier to access in the full systems.

Assembly “Healthy Moscow” was launched in the capital on Thursday, January 16. Until 19 January at the forum will discuss modern trends of healthcare, new forms of rendering of medical aid and preventive medicine and prevention of wholesome lifestyle.

the Assembly Visited the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin reminded that advances in health care helped to increase the average life expectancy in the capital for 5 years. In particular, the mayor noted the importance of the medical building.

in addition, Moscow for the first time among all the cities of Russia began to carry out the purchase of heavy medical equipment in the format of life cycle contracts. This format of interaction with suppliers involves regular maintenance of your equipment.

the program of the Assembly “Healthy Moscow” includes more than 90 of the discussions and expert sessions in specific areas. To participate in the events invited both Russian and foreign experts.

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