In Facebook there was a major failure

the work Facebook has been a massive failure. The social network is partially unavailable to users in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Italy, Denmark and India. This is according to the service to Downdetector, which monitors the work of popular Internet resources.

according to the map failure, the Russian users Facebook problems almost not affected. The problem may occur in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk, but the amount received from these cities complaints slightly.

First reports about the inaccessibility of Facebook began to arrive around 17:35 Moscow time. At the time of this writing users have left about 3 thousand complaints. 41% not loading news feed, 31% excellent. Another 26% have trouble logging in to your account.

While the other two service owned by Facebook — Instagram and WhatsApp — work without interruptions.

This is the second glitch in Facebook over the past two days. On the eve of hundreds of users complained that you can’t edit your posts, and 26% social network didn’t work at all.

Text: To.Hi-tech