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Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze was named the eventual emergence of e-visas across Russia “revolutionary”.

“For our market it is very important, in fact, revolutionary history”, – quotes its news Agency “national news service”.

According to Lomidze, the introduction of electronic visas in the country guarantees the growth of demand. Even according to pessimistic forecasts of analysts, it could exceed more than 30% according to the preliminary list of 53 countries, she explained. Among them are Asian and European countries, said the Executive Director of ATOR.

In her opinion, 2020 should be a year to actively inform the world community that in Russia it will be possible to arrive by e-visa. In St. Petersburg, where the experiment started in October 2019, such a campaign was not. However, even without it, the increase amounted to 26 thousand tourists by mid-November, said Lomidze.

Now the format of electronic visas is being tested in several regions and cities of Russia. The results of the experiment first Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov praised as good.

E-visas to be used in regions of the Far East and in the Kaliningrad region. October is also St. Petersburg and Leningrad oblast.

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