a real sale, It is for many reason: While users of Android devices with malware and anti virus programs have to contend with the iPhone as a very safe and worry-free Alternative. Now, however, six serious bugs in iOS have been discovered – and is still not resolved.

the gaps were Found out by a Google employee. There was no nasty competition, the group behind Android’s, however. The security expert Natalie Silvanovich, working for “Project Zero”, which is to be found in Google’s order to security vulnerabilities in all sorts of devices and systems, in order to make the network safer. The gaps will Silvanovich will introduce in Detail in next week’s Hacker conference Black hat.

security-glitch 16-Year-old Apple hacks, and then behaves like a Teenager By Malte Mansholt attack from a distance on the iPhone

The already known Details are creepy: All of the six gaps are to allow it, according to the Silvanovich, to get remote access to the data on the device. And, without the need for user interaction. In four of the cases, Apple’s SMS replacement iMessage is used. Due to an error, it is sufficient to receive a malicious SMS and open, in order to give the attacker remote control over the device.

the two remaining gaps are not dependent, unlike many of the popular methods of attack such as a Trojan on errors by the user. You can take advantage of a gap in the memory management of the iPhone, in order to make the data of the device remotely readable.

language speaker, listening nightmare: Chinese hackers make the Amazon Echo to the bug By Malte Mansholt Immediately update!

As my ends are hackers for good, has reported Silvanovich the mistake long ago to Apple. And the group has responded: With the last week of iOS 12.4 appeared, Apple has fixed five of the errors. Who has not done it yet, should necessarily bring the System up to date.

And as quickly as possible: The hacker had betrayed the Update, the exact function of the stuffed gaps, and even explained in Detail how you can reproduce the error. It is likely to be only a matter of time before hackers attack the gap also active.

One of the gaps, however, is still open, said Silvanovich to “ZDNet”. Why this is the case, is currently not known, in contrast to the already fixed errors Silvanovich has betrayed no Details of the gap. Nevertheless, Apple should hurry up with the repair: error like the one just discovered are traded on the black market, some with prices over a million dollars, according to ZDNet.

sources: Black hat, Project Zero, ZDNet

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