Get in, drive off, and with the thumb on the steering Wheel through the channel zapping in a car the Radio for many, its very raison d’être. It is the perfect, by the way medium for on-the-go. However, the technology in the years to come. A concrete switch-off date, there is not for the in the fifties, introduced in ultra-short wave in Germany, but the digital radio DAB+ is your expire in the medium term. In Norway, the FM has already been adopted in retirement in Switzerland, the Retirement of the steam radio in two years. Also in Germany, the Expansion of digital broadcasting stations will be advanced. Along the highways the coverage is already at almost 100 percent, nationwide, about 90 percent

In the car, the conversion starts already next year, at least formally. The EU Parliament will impose 2019 DAB+ as a compulsory equipment for new cars. Two years as a transition period. Until then, new car buyers will have to pay depending on the manufacturer, a fee for the digital radio. While Renault or Skoda install already without any extra cost digital receiver in its compact class, is DAB+ in the case of some of the premium brand on the list of expensive special equipment.

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With DAB+ in the car, improved the reception and selection of radio stations.

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The motorists, the digital radio technology offers real advantages: noise-free reception, CD-quality and more channels. The Public are digital, receive nationwide, including exclusive programs that don’t exist on FM, such as, for example, in the Germany radio Nova. In addition, many small radio stations with dedicated channels established and offer variety, for example, Rock, Oldies, Schlager, or sports. Larger private broadcasters such as Energy and BigFM send digital. The annoying channel search is a thing of the past, because all of the available stations are automatically detected and listed. Also, the favorites list remains in Federal-wide channels up to date, because every channel is always broadcast on its reserved for him wave. Can FM the. One way or the other: those Who drive often long distances, saves with DAB+, the annoying manual search for a matching radio program.

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another blessing: Accurate traffic reports. Thus, the quality of the minutes is not a long report from the traffic front in the Germany radio, but the to navigation devices and Radios transmitted traffic data. The FM bandwidth is so scarce that many of the traffic reports are often only the most important. With the digital radio technology faster for larger data quantities transferred and the display of the digital radio show. Depending on the device, even street maps, workaround suggestions, or the weather can be displayed on maps. Channels such as VERA from the WDR broadcast 24 hours of news in digital Form.

So the digital Radio is not in the car

While new cars with DAB+ Radios can be ordered Standard, you are still, older cars for the digital reception retrofitting.

Smartphone via Bluetooth or AUX to the car radio to connect: This is the easiest solution. However, the reception is in this “interim solution” is often not so good.Car radio replacing: all of the best cards in the digital upgrade have owners of older cars in which the Radio is still in a standard slot in the center console. You can pull the old device out, and one with a DAB+ insert. Often a child’s play since all the connectors are standardized. If the new Radio does not fit in the slot, there is in the subject of commercial radio aperture, the cavity will disappear. Price, there are great differences: There are Radios for under 100 euros, and equipment from premium manufacturers, with several Hundred Euros in costs.Adapter use: Should be installed in the Radio fixed in the car, can be a DAB+ Adapter is a good solution. If a visually very appealing. Thus, an adhesive antenna on the windshield must be secured, so that the digital Signal can be received. This is sent to a free FM frequency of the radio broadcast. An RDS Signal, the information is transmitted to the Display menu of the FM radio. So you can search for digital channels, and programming. Inexpensive units start at around 40 euros. Brand devices are between 120 and 160 euros.Install: the disadvantage of the Adapter: you are with your Stripping from antennas and electricity cables just ugly to look at. If you like it nice and neat in the car, the new Radio from professional workshops to install. On the side of the Initiative, DAB+, there are a selection of specialist workshops from the whole Federal territory. The experts to build behind the Radio an Adapter. Depending on the type of vehicle you built in the price varies, around 500 Euro, however, should be for the conversion factored in. Cheaper it is, if the vehicle already has a USB port, the Adapter can be connected. The tag would cost around 150 euros. DAB+: Chic Look, great sound: These digital radios are really paying off Fullscreen

Cheaper beginners: Sony XDR S61D

The Sony XDR S61D the best model without an Internet connection. In addition to the cheap price from 80 Euro it offers very good reception in DAB+. FM reception is fine. With a power consumption of 0.7 watts in operation, it attracts less than many competitors in Standby mode, and even works in classic with batteries. A drawback of the just “satisfying” sound. Overall rating: “good” (2.4) .