“I hope that we reign as two parties but as a Nation. Tonight I’m not a Republican or democratic Agenda, it is the Agenda of the American people.” With these conciliatory words of the US President, Donald Trump began his speech on the state of the Nation. The policy of “revenge” and “retaliation” must be overcome in favour of “cooperation” and “compromise,” he said to the assembled members of the house of representatives and the Senate.

First, reconciliation, then attack

After an obligatory paean to the history of the United States and his term of office, criticized Trump the ongoing investigations against him. “In the United States economy is a miracle and the Only thing that can stop it, stupid wars, politics, or ridiculous, partisan investigations,” said Trump. “If there is to be peace and laws, there can be no war, and no investigation. It just doesn’t work!” J. Scott Applewhite/AP/dpa Trump in his speech

So he was obviously on the studies on the Russia-affair in the Congress as well as other investigations to Trump or his surroundings, the bustle, the Democrats, with their new majority in the house of representatives. Several committees in Congress deal with the question of whether it is in the case of the alleged Russian Influence on the US presidential election of 2016 was collusion between Trumps choice fight camp and representatives of Moscow.

“I get it built!”

and Then he came to the core theme of his speech: His call for a wall on the border to Mexico. “Now the time has come to show the world that the USA are ready to stop illegal Migration and to stop the business of drug dealers,” demanded Trump. And to put: “I get it built!”

Trump warned of a “large, organized caravans” of Central America on the way to the USA. “I ask you to protect our dangerous southern border of love and devotion to our fellow citizens and our country,” said Trump. Republicans and Democrats should face up to the “urgent national crisis” on the border to Mexico with United forces.

“walls work life and walls to save,” said Trump. He would like to get from the Congress $ 5.7 billion, but so far the Democrats, whose votes he has in Congress is instructed to reject the financing of strictly. The White House Was equal to any upsets in the network: trump’s crooked tie.

Trump well-known at the same time clear of legal Migration: “I want as many people to come as never before in the USA, but you need to be legal.”

“Without me, we would have a war with North Korea,”

Trump also spoke about his foreign policy, and praised his relationship with the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un. He announced that a second summit on October 27. and 28. February will meet in Vietnam with him. Only his diplomacy with North Korea have prevented a war: “If I hadn’t been to the President elected, we would have a war with Norkorea,” said Trump. At their first Meeting, last June in Singapore, Kim had said the complete nuclear disarmament of his country, but not the Details.

Also, on the crisis in Venezuela, Trump said. He stressed his support for the Venezuelan against President Juan Guaidó: “We are on the side of the Venezuelan people in its noble pursuit of freedom,” he explained. He condemned the “brutality of the Maduro regime”, whose socialist policies have brought poverty and despair to Venezuela, added Trump. Trump added that there are also increased Attempts in the United States of socialism. “Today will reaffirm that the United States will never be a socialist country,” said Trump, and received from his followers an enthusiastic “USA! USA!”-Call.

In his foreign policy as a sweeping blow, he also spoke briefly on the Iran. You can observe more strictly: “We will not allow a Regime that America wants the death and the Jewish people in the genocide, threatens to use,” he said. He then defended the cancellation of the INF disarmament Treaty for nuclear Assembly in medium-range weapons, the United States. The United States had adhered to the agreement, which Russia has repeatedly violated. “Maybe we can negotiate a different contract, and the other adding, or maybe we can have China.” The US President added: “Under my administration, we will have to excuse us never in favour of America’s interests forward.”

A new “Shutdown” threatens Andrew Harnik/AP/dpa, The Democrat Nancy Pelosi (r), Chairman of the house of representatives, Mike Pence, Vice-President of the United States, U.S. President Trumps state of the Union speech in the Capitol.

at the beginning of his speech, has called on Trump to the unit, whether or not his speech to the unit has contributed, it may be doubted. In the majority of the points he has repeated well-known positions relentlessly. In particular, in the dispute over the wall, he showed no willingness to compromise. The Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Chairman of the house of representatives and the toughest opponent of Donald Trump announced shortly after his speech, a Tweet, trump’s speech with sharp criticism. He didn’t take it up with the facts very carefully, and scare, to apply to his wall on the border to Mexico.

And the wall stand in the center of the budget dispute that led to about five weeks, to a standstill of Parts of the US government. Due to the longest “shutdown” of the US history, Pelosi Trump forced to move his speech. The speech of the President, the track each year, tens of millions of Americans on TV, was originally to have been Tuesday of last week planned.

it Should be 15 to the. February be no agreement in the fall of the wall in dispute, Trump threatened with a new “Shutdown”, or with the proclamation of a state of emergency on the border. With the Declaration of state of Emergency, he could build the wall after his Conviction, also without the consent of the Congress. Legally this is disputed. Also Trumps the Republicans, there is resistance to such a step.

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