Walt Hausen – excavator on private property in the Swabian Walt Hausen (Kreis Günzburg) has found work, a home owner with human bones. In the case of the skeletal parts of it were a virtually intact femur, and around eight small Bone fragments, such as the police Memmingen announced on Wednesday.

assumed to be the offence Of a killing. The bones are apparently a bit older and had been longer in the earth.

bones in Walt Hausen found: investigators have suspected

Because the property is located behind a Church, investigators currently believe that the on Tuesday the bones found come from there. The now-resolved graveyard excluded, although not to the plot – it previously would not have been unusual for people not belonging to the Catholic Faith or suicide, committed, behind the Church to bury. The bone will now be handed over for examination to the forensic medicine.

man discovered a strange hole in the lawn in it, he finds Extraordinary

all of a Sudden it was there. A hole in the garden and a man makes on the search for the reason. While the Internet speculated about its function.

Monika Crantz: police find a skeleton in the forest – now DNA-results

a Terrible discovery in a forest: by the end of September, a Ranger had found a human skull. Now the police have discovered more bones – well, there are DNA results. It is Monika Crantz?