Samsung overtake in this or next year at the latest – that was the stated goal by Richard Yu, Huawei’s Smartphone chief. However, in may of this dream burst: U.S. President Donald Trump continued with the Chinese group on a black list of restricted companies fell. Now, Huawei has presented the Figures for the first half of the year. And although the be surprisingly good, coming heavy times on the group.

Despite the Santionen many corporations would lick according to the result of the first half of the year, the Finger 23 per cent to put Huawei in the profit, a total of 401,3 billion Yuan (52,29 billion euros) ended up Plus in the coffers of the group. Also in the most important areas in which you have to put: 118 million Smartphones were sold, down 24 percent more than in the same period last year. While Huawei’s sales had already fallen in 2018, rocketing to the top. Also in the all-important network of business, there was growth.

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Hard blow, Richard Yu Huawei’s Smartphone chief, in an Interview: “Our products are safer,” By Malte Mans

don’t get The sanctions passed, nevertheless, without leaving a mark on the group. You make it hard to purchase important components, the Huawei before from US suppliers, prop. Much worse for the sales ban to Updates for Google’s Android operating system can supply, however, was. The announcement is likely to have deterred many potential customers. In may, the sales were decreased dramatically, said Chairman Liang Hua hin on Tuesday. In the meantime, you should be increased to 80 per cent of the previous volume. How strong is the level of losses was exactly, he did not reveal.

The crisis is not over yet. Huawei had to plug in the second half of the year, many holes, and solid invest, so Hua. The Android-ban was suspended until mid-August whether it will still occur once in power, is still open. Huawei had already announced in March compared to the star, to develop their own System. A TV with the System was presented last week. Lua is confirmed, the group intends to actually prefer to use Android. You do not think that in the long run a separate operating system for Smartphones is still necessary, said the Deputy head of the Germany business, David Wang.

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The growth is likely to have been worn to a large extent on the home market of China. According to the calculations of the analytical company Canalys reached Huawei in the second quarter in China, a record market share of 38 percent. There, the Smartphone sales of the company increased in this period by 31 per cent to 37.3 million units. This is also a Patriotic mood in the face of the US have contributed to the sanctions.

Liang Hua also gave no forecast for growth in the second half of the year. He was, however, stressed defiantly: “We will continue to fight for our Survival.” Huawei will continue to invest in the future. At the beginning of his presentations, a photo of an old combat aircraft displayed in the tool, that in spite of bullet holes in the wings up in the air.

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