users of Huawei Smartphones do not have to worry for a further three months to provide Updates of the Android system and access to Apps.

The U.S. government extended the Exemption for certain transactions with Chinese Smartphone vendors and network equipment suppliers. Trade Minister Wilbur Ross made clear that it was a temporary reprieve. The extension of the permits is to give affected customers more time to search for Alternatives.

“While we urge consumers to abandon Huawei products, we recognize that it takes more time in order to avoid any interference,” said Ross. The US government, it is also important to avoid possible failures in the case of smaller American mobile radio providers in rural areas with their networks with broadcast technology from Huawei had equipped.

For users of Huawei Smartphones means the step, among other things, that Google can provide with its operating system Android-running phones, at least until the middle of November, which is still in full with Updates. Also Huawei can pre-install on the devices continue the Google App platform, Play Store and other services of the group such as maps and web search.

Huawei had recently presented its alternative operating system Harmony OS that could replace, according to the Chinese group at any time Android on its Smartphones.

A major challenge would be but also then to convince App-developers to produce customized versions for the Huawei System. A US Boycott could also make use of the Chips in question, based on the technology of British chip designer ARM, as a part of the ARM of Know-how was developed in the United States.

Huawei is a leading supplier of mobile networks in Europe and the second largest Smartphone provider in the world. The United States had set Huawei in may on a list of enterprises, their business relations to its US partners are subject to strict controls. If you want to sell US technology to Huawei or transfer, you must purchase a license.

This can be refused if security interests are affected. Huawei is suspected of the USA to spy for China. Evidence of this have not yet been made public, Huawei rejects the accusations.

Ross said at the same time, 46 other subsidiaries of the Huawei group would be placed on the black list. A majority of the Company’s network of Huawei was already affected by the initial Blockade-decision of U.S. President Donald Trump – which was then partially suspended.

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