Beijing (Reuters) – Huawei would be able to replace in its Smartphones the Google System Android for its own Software.

The Chinese Smartphone vendors and network equipment manufacturers have introduced a system with the name Harmony OS, that also in computers, Tablets, and other devices to run. Huawei could lose access to Android, because the group was set up by US President Donald Trump having regard to safety concerns on a black list.

With Harmony OS could establish Huawei but also a full-fledged Alternative to Android: The Software will be the same as the Google System is open source and accessible to all. This had spurred the rise of Android the most used Smartphone System with more than 80 percent of the market share. In China, most of the Smartphones run with Android if also, in contrast to the West without Google services.

for the time being, the priority of Huawei but to use Android, the Ecosystem of Apps and other services not split, said Huawei Manager Richard Yu to the meeting of the group. China is the largest Smartphone market in the world – and the US actions against Huawei had been thrown in there against the Background of the Trade dispute between the two countries, a Patriotism wave in the technology selection.

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