It was a shock for millions of Android users: in mid-may, U.S. President Donald Trump put the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei on the so-called Black list of the United States. Google withdrew then the second largest Smartphone manufacturer in the world, the Android license. A debacle for the group: The users were confused that Smartphone sales plummeted temporarily by 40 percent. The launch of a new notebook was even stopped.

a Total of escalated trade conflict could cost the company up to $ 30 billion, acknowledged the group’s founder Ren Zhengfei. The stated goal is to be the world’s number one in the Smartphone business, has moved into the distance.

Now it came as a surprise to a truce in the Trade dispute between the United States and China. In the framework of the G20 summit in Osaka, announced US President Donald Trump, that he will suspend the expansion of the punitive tariffs threatened on a provisional basis. In addition, the US President lifted the Blockade against Huawei. “I have agreed that the sale of products is allowed to continue,“ said Trump. The trade should agree with the Ministry, could Huawei be already removed on Tuesday from the Black list.

so now, all the Old? By no means.

Huawei developed, Android-Alternative

For the customers: the owners of Huawei changes only once Smartphones will also receive future Android Updates. The top models of last year – including the P20/Pro, Mate is 20 and the current P30 series – will receive the Update to the next Version of the operating system Android Q in any case.

But behind the Scenes since the U.S. Boycott, nothing more, as before. Huawei continued to drive in the past few months, the development of a proprietary, internally developed operating system with the name Ark OS. In order to make themselves more independent of Google, courting Huawei for weeks for developers to offer their Apps in Huawei App Gallery – a kind of Alternative to Google’s Play Store.

Still seems to be Huawei to Android as a Smartphone operating system to capture. But what if the group decides to migrate one day to the in-house development? Possibly in Alliance with other Chinese Smartphone manufacturers? Huawei currently has a 17 percent market share, Xiaomi eight, Oppo eight and Vivo seven percent. The four largest Chinese manufacturers come together on a 40 per cent share of the global market. Also, for Google, a lot is therefore at stake.

Less dependence on China,

The supplier’s business was also recognized by the Huawei-quake. The British ARM the group has split even a few weeks ago, the cooperation with Huawei, because of this “technology is used, originating in the United States”. Now that the sanctions are for the time being, from the table, it will show which companies will resume trading relationships, or whether Huawei and co. will look around for alternative suppliers.

not only the Chinese companies concerned. The opposite side has been shaken up: according to media reports, the US wants to reduce the company Apple, the dependence of China and 15 to 30 percent of its production in other countries to relocate. As an Alternative, among others, India, Malaysia, Vietnam or Indonesia were in the conversation. The new Mac Pro that was unveiled a few weeks ago, is to be made to the “Wall Street Journal” that in China and in the United States. The decision to relocate the Mac Pro production abroad, is according to the report, but also in connection with the end of subsidies received by the company for manufacturing in the U.S. state of Texas.

The 5G-Dilemma

Largely unknown, the debate in many countries before the 5G-Expansion. In order to make the super-fast LTE-successor-available across the country, the mobile companies have to invest billions. And for that you have to rely on technology from Huawei: the Chinese company has built more than 1500 mobile radio networks, which reach about a third of the world’s population. Without the base stations from China, the German mobile phone would be lost.

But the rapid rise of the Chinese caused a skepticism in the United States. The United States for fear that Huawei might have installed in its devices secret behind doors. Up to now, such interfaces have not been found, nevertheless, many politicians are worried.

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The Chinese group Huawei is said to be directly in front of it, to be the world leader in Smartphones. Because of the conflict with the United States to the Development of 5G networks will not fit at all. The traditionally closed company is seeking to acquire the favor of Europe.

By Malte Mansholt

source: Counterpoint Research, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal