Destiny 2 has recently undergone some significant changes with the release of The Final Shape. One major change that players will notice as they work towards high-level content is the way Exotic armor is obtained. The traditional method of unlocking new Exotics by playing through Lost Sectors has been replaced. Now, players will need to earn reputation with Rahool, the Tower Cryptarch, in order to access the new armor pieces.

Previously, players could acquire new Exotic armor by completing daily Legend or Master Lost Sectors. Each day featured a different type of armor, allowing players to target specific pieces they were missing from their collection. However, with the release of The Final Shape, this method has been discontinued. While Legend and Master Lost Sectors still provide valuable rewards like high-end materials and Exotic engrams, they no longer drop specific Exotic armor pieces.

Instead, all new Exotic armor pieces can be obtained through Rahool. As players decode more Engrams, they will earn reputation points with Rahool, unlocking rewards along the way. Previously, players could use Rahool’s Focusing services to choose specific Exotic armor pieces from decrypted engrams. However, with the introduction of Tier 3 Focusing in The Final Shape, players can now purchase any Exotic armor in the game using an Exotic Engram and an Exotic Cipher.

To increase your Cryptarch rank and unlock Tier 3 Focusing, players simply need to decrypt Engrams. The more specific the decryption, the more reputation points you will earn. Tier 2 decryption offers the most points, making it the fastest way to rank up with Rahool. Once you reach Rank 17 with Rahool, Tier 3 Focusing will unlock for all your characters, allowing you to purchase new Exotic armors.

In addition to earning Exotic Ciphers from ranking up with Rahool, players can also obtain them from Xur on weekends. Xur offers an Exotic Cipher quest each week, and players can earn additional Ciphers by resetting Xur’s reputation rank or as rewards on the Season Pass.

Overall, the changes introduced in The Final Shape provide a new way for players to acquire Exotic armor in Destiny 2. By increasing their rank with Rahool and unlocking Tier 3 Focusing, players can access a wider range of Exotic armor pieces to enhance their gameplay experience. For more information on what’s new in Destiny 2, check out our The Final Shape guides hub and read our Final Shape review.