A new game called Horticular is set to be released this week, offering players the opportunity to transform a barren wasteland into a thriving garden filled with plants and animals. In this indie game, players will have access to a variety of tools to customize their landscape and attract new inhabitants, including gnomes who will help in the fight against corruption.

Described as a mix between Rollercoaster Tycoon and Viva Pinata, Horticular offers a unique gaming experience that combines strategy with aesthetic beauty. Players can look forward to a full campaign story with three difficulty levels, as well as a sandbox mode with its own set of challenges. The game will also feature controller support, compatibility with the Steam Deck, and modding support through Steam Workshop.

Developed by Robert Kaufman from Sweden and published by Slug Disco Studios in the UK, Horticular has evolved significantly since its initial demo release a year ago. Many of the more complex features have been streamlined to create a more enjoyable gameplay experience. A demo is available for those interested in trying out the game before its official release on July 11, 2024.

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